Austin Car Accident Lawyer

Austin Car Accident Lawyer

  • Were you injured in an Austin car accident because of another driver’s negligence?
  • Austin Car Accident Lawyers from Ketterman Rowland & Westlund can help you seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages, car damage, and pain and suffering
  • We understand the difficulties you’re facing after a car accident, so we fight on your behalf
  • Your Austin Car Accident Lawyer will only collect a fee if you receive a settlement
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If you’ve suffered a car accident in Austin, then you are acutely aware of how quickly your entire life can change. You’ve suffered bodily injury, possible scarring, and you may be faced with missed work, medical bills, weeks of therapy, and years of unwanted pain and trauma.

If you’re a victim of a car accident, whether you were driving, riding a bike, or walking, an Austin Car Accident Lawyer can help ensure that your health and financial solvency are protected. Just some of the questions you may ask after an Austin car accident include:

  • Will my medical bills be covered by my insurance company?
  • How will I recover lost wages?
  • Am I entitled to any compensation for scars and injuries suffered in my car accident?

Answering these questions is only possible by revealing the details of your car accident with a qualified Austin lawyer. It’s also important to consider how your car accident injury may affect your health and appearance in the future, and this is where experience truly matters.

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About Austin TX

Austin is the 14th largest community in the country and has a population of 790,390 people. The 43rd largest community is Atlanta. However, the population of Austin is currently 50% larger than Atlanta. Austin is the youngest large community in the United States per capita that has a total of 90,000 university and college students. Some 33,000 students are at the Austin Community College and more than 50,000 students are at The University of Texas. The remaining college students are spread out amongst the other various institutions of higher learning.

The land mass of Austin is comprised of some 280 sq. miles. Austin is ranked as the safest large community in the United States. There were 19 murders in 2006. In 2006, Seattle had 125 murders by way of comparison. Austin had one third the population that it currently has, and averaged 50 murders a year during the 1970’s. Emergency and fire services as well as police make up 70% of the community’s $600 million dollar budget. The fastest growing large community in the United States is Austin. Austin was ranked the 27th largest community in 1990 and ranked the 14th largest community in 2011.

Since 1895, the population of Austin has grown each year by 3.5%. Every 20 years, Austin doubles in population. The Mayor named ensures the forecast for the future of Austin. Although during the next 20 years the population of Austin will double in size, there is a steady 3.5% population growth. There were 12,800 new jobs during 2012. During 2012 and 2013, the five county metropolitan region enjoyed 45,000 new jobs from the CEO of Angelou Economics, which more than doubled the job expansion during those two years.

Hotel occupancy increased by 25% and the sales tax revenue increased by 12% during 2006. There are 85 new resident in Austin each day. This includes new people relocating to Austin, which means there are to 70 more automobiles on the road every day. The fastest growing state in the United States is Texas. Texas adds 500,000 people to the State each year. Austin is the fastest growing city in the fastest growing State in the US. Austin is a very attractive environment that is economically sound.

Austin is the second most populous state in the country as well as the capital of Texas. The Austin metro region serves as the center for technological and research, political, and academic activities with a population of over one million people. Dramatic terrain and sparkling lakes make Austin a prime destination for recreation and sports. There are 48,000 students who attend UT, (the University of Texas at Austin) who influence the character of the city toward achievement and education.

In 1998, the best community’s for business was ranked Austin by Fortune as being number one. In population, Austin is ranked 27th in the country. There is no local, state, or corporate income tax. There is also no local or state personal income tax. Austin is the most highly educated city in the nation that has more than a 250,000 population. Austin also has the most sales in bookstore sales in the country. In the Texas Hill Country that runs through Austin, there are 150 miles chain of lakes. San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston are three of the 10 largest communities in the United States that are all within 200 miles of Austin.

As the result of its close proximity of timber and limestone, natural beauty, fresh water, and central location, Austin was selected as the capital of the Republic of Texas, after being established in 1839. The namesake of was r Stephen F. Austin, who was a colonizer of the region. There are 210 historical structures in Austin that include the Governor’s mansion and the Capital building.

Austin is located next to the Colorado River in Central Texas. The Highways that serve Austin include Highway 71, Highway 183, and Interstate 35. The Altitude in Austin range from 1,000 feet in the northwest hills to 425 feet at lakeside. Some 70% of the population in Texas, or almost 12 million people are located within 200 miles of Austin. Austin is located some 225 miles from the border between Mexico and the United States. In the summertime the average temperatures range from between 75 and 95 degrees and from between 42 and 62 degrees in the wintertime. The annual rainfall average is 32.49 inches.

Austin ranks sixth in the United States in the number of musicians and artists per capita, and first in Texas. Austin is well known for its golf courses, spas, highly acclaimed resorts, nationally recognized film festivals, live music venues, and wonderful historical landmarks, having a population of about 1.4 million people. The area around Austin features rolling hills, gorgeous lakes, fields of colorful wildflowers, and miles of beautiful landscapes. The climate is made for outdoor reaction and enjoyment nearly all year round. Amateur and professional sports events and venues include the Round Rock Express, the Texas Wranglers Football team, and the Austin Ice Bats. Austin has more fine clubs and restaurants per capita than any other community in the United States. Austin is home to one of the best schools in the country, known as the University of Texas, in addition to such acclaimed colleges as Concordia and Saint Edwards Universities.

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