Lake Charles Car Accident Lawyer

Lake Charles Car Accident Lawyer

  • Were you injured in a Lake Charles car accident because of another driver’s negligence?
  • Lake Charles Car Accident Lawyers from Ketterman Rowland & Westlund can help you seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages, car damage, and pain and suffering
  • We understand the difficulties you’re facing after a car accident, so we fight on your behalf
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If you’ve suffered a car accident in Lake Charles, then you are acutely aware of how quickly your entire life can change. You’ve suffered bodily injury, possible scarring, and you may be faced with missed work, medical bills, weeks of therapy, and years of unwanted pain and trauma.

If you’re a victim of a car accident, whether you were driving, riding a bike, or walking, a Lake Charles Car Accident Lawyer can help ensure that your health and financial solvency are protected. Just some of the questions you may ask after a Lake Charles car accident include:

  • Will my medical bills be covered by my insurance company?
  • How will I recover lost wages?
  • Am I entitled to any compensation for scars and injuries suffered in my car accident?

Answering these questions is only possible by revealing the details of your car accident with a qualified Lake Charles lawyer. It’s also important to consider how your car accident injury may affect your health and appearance in the future, and this is where experience truly matters.

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About Lake Charles TX

A man named Lewis Reon, who was a migrant arrived shortly after the arrival of a man named Le Bleu. Although his future history was left unrecorded, Mr. Reon settled on the west bank of Lake Charles. The next settler to arrive in Lake Charles was a native of Spain named Charles Sallier. He was the first white man to construct his home, a small log cabin, some 20 feet square on Shell Beach at the current location of the Barbe home, within the current city limits of Lake Charles in order to achieve his distinction. Mr. Reon courted the daughter Martin Le Bleu and the first white child born in southwestern Louisiana named Caroline Le Blue, because he felt that he needed a helpmate. The couple were married following a brief courtship, which created the first permanent family in Lake Charles. The year was 1802 when their marriage occurred.

In the interval between that arrival of Charles Sallier and Martin Le Bleu, there were probably other pioneers who arrived in Calcasieu country. A man named Gregorio Mora reported that he had been appointed to collect tithes of all residents who had stocks or lived west of the Caleashue for the term between 1794 and 1795. However, several of these pioneers either became extinct or relocated shortly after arriving. Only the Salliers and the Le Bleus and their connections left records that were permanent. These two families intermarried freely and were very prolific. The wife of Charles Sallier named Caroline Le Bleu, became the maternal ancestor of a large group of Hebert’s, Le Bleu’s and Sallier’s. Some of the other families who can trace their origin back to the same source are Moss, Rosteet, and Barbe. The descendants of the Sallier family permeated the current population of Lake Charles. The fact is that if Charles Sallier could return now, he could really say that he established this community of his own flesh and blood.

From 1780 to 1819, the pioneers who arrived in Calcasieu country used various way to obtain their lands. From the few remaining Indians who still remained in the county, usually the first pioneers bought the lands for a very small amount of money. The Spanish government later confirmed these purchases. There were a rather large a number of pioneers who settled on what is currently commonly known the Rio Hondo lands. Rio Hondo translates from Spanish into Dark River\. In return for some consideration, or some stipulated service to be performed, the original title was based on a Spanish grant to the pioneer. The name Rio Hondo must have been selected as the result of the heavy and dark foliage that overhung the river. However, other than occupancy it seems that the land west of the Calcasieu River seems to have been given to the pioneers for no consideration. Before the 1819 treaty between Spain and the US, Approximately 250 pioneers filed claims.

The United States respected a, and more importantly, recognized the land grants that the Spanish made following the 1819 Treaty. However, these land grants only after the claimant produced absolute proof.

In the Calcasieu location it seems strange that the repercussions of the occupancy by the Spanish isn’t more deeply etched. There aren’t many Spanish names that remain in order to remind us that the Spanish once held this area. One of those changes that come so easily and naturally that there doesn’t seem to be a reason for is their obliteration. Soon, the change was made in the name Rio Hondo, which was renamed Quelque Shoue, from which the euphonious name of Calcasieu was again evolved. The name given to the river by several old individuals is the phonic record of the latter change, which might be heard in the pronunciation of Culcashu. However, a doctor named William Read from of Louisiana State University has traced the name back and discovered that it was derived from Atakapa Katkosh, which translates into to dry. An Atakapa Chief had the war title of Crying Eagle. There are many curious and different spellings of the name, including Quelqueshue, Kelkechute, Culkeshoe, Culqueshoe, and Calcasuit.

When taking a look at the various early names of the early pioneers that had Spanish names, there are only a few that can be found before 1824. These names include a man named Self, John Henderson, Mitchell Neal, Joseph Clar, Isaac Foster, George Ower, John Gilchrist, Joshua Johnson, Philip Deviers, David Choate, Elias Blunt, the brothers Archibald, the brothers, John and Hardy Coward, and William Smith, Dempsey Ile, Hiram Ours, Joseph Cornow, Jacob Ryan, Reese Perkins, Charles Sallier, and Le Bleus. All of whom settled on the east bank of the Calcasieu River.

Lake Charles has a rich and varied Spanish history in addition to the French who also settled around the area. However, it is still a great place to live, work, play, and raise a family.

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