San Antonio Construction Defect Attorneys

San Antonio Construction Defect Attorneys

San Antonio Construction Defect Attorneys

  • A construction defect can be expensive to repair while posing a serious risk to both person and property
  • Construction defects can occur in both commercial and residential properties, putting clients and family members in peril
  • A San Antonio Construction Defect Lawyer from Ketterman Rowland & Westlund will fight to maximize the terms of your case
  • Your legal claim will focus on covering damages and the cost of repairs to the structure
  • You shouldn’t have to pay for shoddy construction – Call our San Antonio Construction Defect litigation professionals today

A San Antonio Construction Defect
Lawyer May Be Your Only Option

By the time you find out about a construction defect, you may already have spent thousands of dollars on costly repairs. However, financial losses accumulated because of a construction defect or poor workmanship is often recoverable, according to the law. In fact, you may also be able to recover damages relative to the defect.

At Ketterman Rowland & Westlund, our San Antonio Construction Defect Attorneys understand how frustrating it can be to deal with the aftermath of shoddy workmanship. Whether the affected building is your home or place of business, financial losses to the building and property, and the prospect of paying more money for repairs, can leave you feeling like you have little recourse.

Every year, thousands of San Antonio residents and business owners have suffered losses because of construction issues. If you are experiencing sings of structural flaws in your building, you may have a means of seeking reimbursement though the courts.

How Our Team of  Experienced Litigators Can Help

Our San Antonio Construction Defect litigation professionals can help you pursue compensation for damage resulting from construction defects that include:

  • A leaking roof
  • Cracks in the building or foundation
  • A shifting or crumbling foundation
  • Paint discoloration
  • Water leakage from pipes or sewer
  • Design flaws

These flaws not only affect residential buildings but also commercial buildings like hospitals, medical facilities, and structures that house office space.

Often there are signs that indicate a defect may be present in a structure. For example, you may suddenly notice black mold appearing in your living space, which could indicate that a leak has developed in the roof.

San Antonio Construction Defect Litigation

This kind of construction defect may go unnoticed for some time. Water leaking though a roof can collect in the attic as its absorbed by insulation. This could go unnoticed for months or even years, rendering the insulation ineffective and causing your heating bills to go up without explanation. Stubborn mold then appears in the home and you start to suspect that a design flaw could be the culprit.

Even worse, the defect remains undiscovered until the ceiling gives way and damages everything below, possibly even a person.

This is why it’s so important to speak with our San Antonio Construction Defect Attorneys immediately if you suspect there is an issue.

What a San Antonio Construction Defect Lawyer Can Do For You

If any of this information seems relevant you should contact the San Antonio Construction Defect Litigation professionals at Ketterman Rowland & Westlund. A construction defect can not only adversely affect your bank account, but may even decrease the value of your property.

Large contractors and home building companies usually have a team of lawyers at their disposal, whose sole job is to limit their liability and minimize the money they pay out in damages. You are entitled to fair compensation when a defect compromises the integrity of your home or business structure, so it makes sense to work with your own team of legal professionals.

First and foremost, we will fight to ensure you get compensated to correct any building issues directly related to the construction defect. If the only course of action involves your insurance company, we will pursue that avenue for financial reimbursement.

Is It Really Necessary to Hire a San Antonio Construction Defect Lawyer?

While there is little doubt that a construction defect will cost you money to rectify, the condition of your home or place of business is an integral part of your health and well-being – both physical and mental.

Sadly, design flaws and construction defects may lead to health problems, injury, or even death. Ignoring these problems could put you, your family, guests, and your clients at risk. This is why it’s so important to deal with a defect quickly, before the issue causes problems that can’t be solved with mere dollars and cents.

Dealing with contractors and insurance companies is often more than just a hassle, as each is going to protect their bottom line at all costs. Our San Antonio Construction Defect Attorneys act as your representative throughout this laborious process, using their experience to ensure you are treated fairly and if possible, get the compensation you may be entitled to.

If you choose to go it alone, it is quite possible that the big home builders will have little motivating force to make the situation right. Remember, a construction flaw is not your fault, so why should you have to pay to rectify the issue?

Contact Our San Antonio Construction Defect Litigation Professionals Today

You can contact our San Antonio law office today and speak with a professional litigator without risk or obligation. Your free consultation will focus on getting the facts, determining whether you have a case, and then developing a course of action.

We will work diligently to help you cover any damages caused by a construction flaw, and the cost of repairs. We will fight for your rights, ensuring everything legally possible is done to maximize your settlement and protect your investment.

There is no reason for you to allow the negligence of a contractor to diminish the value of your property or make you pay for their mistake. Obtaining legal advocacy from an experienced lawyer is a sound strategy for dealing with the aftermath of a construction defect. Call us today for your free case evaluation.

San Antonio Construction Defect Lawyer

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