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  • You can be affected by Mesothelioma even if your exposure to asbestos was minimal
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Gonzales Mesothelioma Lawyer

How a Gonzales Mesothelioma Attorney Can Help You

A Mesothelioma diagnosis can be devastating. Exposure to asbestos can cause a variety of cancers, but Mesothelioma is arguably the most insidious. Our Gonzales Asbestos Lawyers have handled numerous cases where this toxic substance has forever altered someone’s life, but Mesothelioma is especially troublesome because even low levels of exposure can cause the disease. If you or someone you love was diagnosed with Mesothelioma after exposure to asbestos at work or at home, we can help. If your concerned about exposure to asbestos, your Gonzales Mesothelioma Lawyer will first recommend that you contact your primary physician for an x-ray referral.

Gonzales Asbestos Attorney

What is Asbestos, and Who Can Be Affected By It?

Asbestos is a mineral used in a variety of construction materials used in Eunice, and has many other uses because of its fire-retardant and insulating properties. The danger lies in the microscopic fibers that can be inhaled, which damage the lungs and causes cancers, including Mesothelioma. These fibers can also attach themselves to clothing, which means you can be at risk for Mesothelioma even if you are not working directly with asbestos. If you are exposed to asbestos in your Gonzales home or on the job, you may not develop Mesothelioma for many years. This underscores why it’s so important to speak with a Gonzales Mesothelioma Attorney immediately if you’ve been diagnosed with this terrible disease.

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At Ketterman Rowland & Westlund, we take a compassionate approach to difficult Mesothelioma cases. Your Gonzales Mesothelioma Attorney has the experience needed to seek financial compensation if you or someone you love developed Mesothelioma because of exposure to asbestos. Contact us today for a free Mesothelioma consultation in Eunice.

Residents and visitors alike run around the streets preparing for the Jambalaya festival. One of the most colorful and highly anticipated celebrations in the entire state, it hosts several pageants, music shows, marathons, cooking contests, and rides. Men and women stand over their large cauldrons to prepare their jambalaya while their kids run around joining pageants, sports activities, and rides all over the camp grounds. It’s not so surprising, considering that Gonzales, Louisiana has been dubbed the “Jambalaya Capital of the World”.

Steve Juneau, who originally came from Avoyelles, visited Gonzales and was impressed by the jambalaya that the locals had prepared. To promote the city, he and the Gonzales Lions Club created the Jambalaya Festival. It was on June 10, 1968 that the governor of Louisiana called the city the “Jambalaya Capital of the World”. The festival has since then been used to raise funds for community projects and to fuel the city’s tourism.

The first Jambalaya festival was held in 1968, where thirteen cooks competed for the title of “World Jambalaya Cooking Champion”. The number of spectators and participants continue to grow every year. Modern innovations to the festival involved a Jambalaya Beauty Pageant, Jambalaya King and Queen, a car show, a boxing contest, singing competition, sky diving exhibition, hot air balloon activity, and so much more. The entire festival is a great time to learn so much about Gonzales’ history as well as to spend a great time with the family.

Gonzales, Louisiana is a small city, with only over 9,000 residents during the last census survey, but its community is tight and friendly. The local government wastes no time providing the locals with the most exciting parks and attractions like the Jambalaya Park, which includes several amenities like a huge swimming pool, a meditation pond, an ampitheater, a jogging path, playground, a splash park, picnic areas, and restrooms. It stands near the Bayou Francois, so visitors can also go fishing in the water.

Despite the small population, Gonzales has several more recreational parks. There’s the Municipal Park, which has 14 tennis courts, batting cages, and fields perfect for softball and baseball practices and games. The Tee Joe Park, meanwhile, has four soccer fields and two baseball fields. There are also batting cages and a playground area. The Carver Park has soccer fields and basketball courts, which make it an ideal place for young athletes to hone their NBA skills. There’s also a covered pavilion, where families and friends can spend an afternoon in the shade.

Other parks include the Bergeron-Gaudin Park, the Gonzales City Room Field, and the Woodman of the World Park, which many athletic teams can use for their practices. Many school or community games are also held here yearly. The city also has a Jambalaya Park Pool and Spray Park, which are regularly open for young and old alike.

As a city in the Ascension Parish in Louisiana, Gonzales is governed by a mayor-council and has a sub-tropical climate. In fact, its winters are not as harsh in the north and its summers can be hot, which is why people from Gonzales love to spend their summers in the pool or by the bayou. Others spend time at the local fun spots like the Cabela’s. This establishment is where locals and tourists get their gears for hunting, fishing, boating, and more.

The Ascension Community Theater on 823 North Felicity Avenue, meanwhile, is run by volunteers and produces three plays every year. Different groups also perform on stage for musicals, one-act plays, and children’s performances. Along Main Street, the Tee Joe Museum can also be viewed. Dedicated to Joseph Stonewall “Tee Joe” Gonzales, the first mayor of the city, the museum is actually Gonzales’ home, with pieces of furniture, clothing, and pictures preserved from the 19th century onwards.

Another place that offers a look at Gonzales’ culture and history is the River Regions Art Association Gallery, where artists can join the group to showcase their art and join workshops, conferences, exhibits, meetings, and more. It stands where the Edenborn Depot building was once located back in 1906.

The city is also a big supporter of sports, considering the number of parks that offer athletic teams a venue for practice and for holding their events. Gonzales has a softball and baseball organization and a team for swimming and soccer. Younger kids can also play T-ball, managed by the same sports group. Gonzales also offers Kidz Kove, a recreational center where children with special needs from the Ascension Parish and neighboring communities can make use of the facilities and playground area.

Gonzales is a small city bursting with activity. Although its population is not as large as some of its neighboring areas, it doesn’t neglect its residents when it comes to fun, entertainment, and learning. Everyone has a chance to appreciate the state’s culture through educational tours and museums, where both locals and visitors can value the city’s long and colorful history.