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    • You can be affected by Mesothelioma even if your exposure to asbestos was minimal
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Port Eads Mesothelioma Lawyer

How a Port Eads Mesothelioma Attorney Can Help You

A Mesothelioma diagnosis can be devastating. Exposure to asbestos can cause a variety of cancers, but Mesothelioma is arguably the most insidious. Our Port Eads Asbestos Lawyers have handled numerous cases where this toxic substance has forever altered someone’s life, but Mesothelioma is especially troublesome because even low levels of exposure can cause the disease. If you or someone you love was diagnosed with Mesothelioma after exposure to asbestos at work or at home, we can help. If your concerned about exposure to asbestos, your Port Eads Mesothelioma Lawyer will first recommend that you contact your primary physician for an x-ray referral.

Port Eads Asbestos Attorney

What is Asbestos, and Who Can Be Affected By It?

Asbestos is a mineral used in a variety of construction materials used in Eunice, and has many other uses because of its fire-retardant and insulating properties. The danger lies in the microscopic fibers that can be inhaled, which damage the lungs and causes cancers, including Mesothelioma. These fibers can also attach themselves to clothing, which means you can be at risk for Mesothelioma even if you are not working directly with asbestos. If you are exposed to asbestos in your Port Eads home or on the job, you may not develop Mesothelioma for many years. This underscores why it’s so important to speak with a Port Eads Mesothelioma Attorney immediately if you’ve been diagnosed with this terrible disease.

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At Ketterman Rowland & Westlund, we take a compassionate approach to difficult Mesothelioma cases. Your Port Eads Mesothelioma Attorney has the experience needed to seek financial compensation if you or someone you love developed Mesothelioma because of exposure to asbestos. Contact us today for a free Mesothelioma consultation in Eunice.

Just off Garden Island Bay stands the southernmost part of Louisiana. Imagine taking a boat out to the Mississippi River to catch large fish with your buddies. Although the sun is high, the breeze remains cool and you are able to catch a heavy blue marlin. You finish off the day with a cold beer, lounging on the deck of your boat as the sun sets. It’s a perfect and common hobby over at Port Eads, which stands at the South Pass of the Plaquemines Parish.

Ever since the 1800s, this port has been an important and strategic area for trade and navigation. It is thanks to Port Eads that New Orleans still retains its reputation and role as an ocean port. The area has been used for many decades as a trading post along the Mississippi River. The port was named after James Buchanan Eads. Centuries ago, navigators and merchants had a problem passing from New Orleans to the Gulf of Mexico. The journey was almost unmanageable until 1866 when James Buchanan Eads developed a wooden jetty system. It made the main river outlet narrow and allowed better navigation for the traders coming to the New Orleans port. It also allowed bigger steamers to pass through safely, which brought in more tourists and merchants to Louisiana.

This port at South Pass was eventually named after Eads for his ingenious system. The Captain Eads jetty system led to the development of the modern rocky jetty system that is now being used around the world. The residents at Port Eads proudly celebrate this accomplishment in history. During the World War II, the port also became the area inhabited by the U.S. Coast Guard. After its moment in history as an outpost, Port Eads became the center of billfishing and tuna fishing activities. A lot of exciting things happen around Port Eads since it is also located at the end of the Great Mississippi Flyway and is in the Pass a Loutre Wildlife Management Area. Amateur and professional fishermen or just families wanting to have fun can visit the Port throughout the year. Those who want to go waterfowl hunting can also visit the Flyway.

In fact, those who want to visit can leave their boats at the newly-constructed marina, which has 60 slips available. Whether it’s only for a short time or for annual leasing, Port Eads will do its best to accommodate every boat owner possible. There’s also 17,500 square of dock space with a fish scale for when you finally manage to catch a particularly large fish. If one day isn’t enough, you can always stay a bit longer at the Port Eads Marina and Lodges. Many residents and visitors take their boats and spend a few days and nights on them, fully experiencing a temporary life on the water. Imagine just being able to take your boat into the river where you can fish and swim then driving it back to the marina, where you can either hang back and relax or go to port and dine at a restaurant or join a party.

The lodging areas at Port Eads are new, with modern amenities and facilities. There are two lodges, known simply as the North and the South, have rooms for two dozen guests. Each room has a TV, a private bath, and a bar that’s never empty. There’s also a restaurant for guests inside the North Camp. It’s called Finley’s and named was named after Port Eads’ High Adventure Company’s executive chef, Sean Finley. Aside from the gourmet dishes that the restaurant offers, anglers can avail of the catering services that are available for the boasts at the marina. Now imagine dining on a gourmet meal with fine wine on your own boat under the star-filled sky.

If fine dining isn’t your thing, you won’t go wrong with visiting the dock’s bar. After a full day angling, you can take advantage of Port Eads’ tiki bar, which is located on the spacious dock, right where you can sit back and watch the sunset – or sunrise – if you stayed up late for a party. Anyone who wants to go fishing should head for the mouth of the Mississippi River, which has always been described as brimming with underwater life. There are a lot of Atlantic blue marlin and tuna in the area almost as tall as a human being. If you want to find some speckled trout or a giant redfish instead, go to the nearby marshes for a different kind of experience. In fact, Port Eads has been described many times as the best fishing destination in the Gulf of Mexico.

The area hasn’t always seen sunshine, though. It was almost decimated by Hurricane Katrina. In fact, only the lighthouse and some fishing camps were spared after the storm that devastated the entire country and other neighboring regions. In fact, that was why many of the port’s establishments are new. There were two guests at Port Eads who had stayed during the storm, but they were never seen again after Katrina hit the area. More than $12 million was allotted for the rebuilding of the port, which has a historical and economic value within the Louisiana area.