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4-Year-Old Death Caused By Window Blinds

According to, a Brown County 4-year-old lost his life over the weekend when he accidentally got caught in some window blinds.

The Brown County Sheriff’s Office confirms Noah LeMond was pronounced deceased at his home in Bangs on Saturday. The Sheriff’s Office says Noah had climbed onto a toy box and was trying to lift the blinds when he lost his balance, causing the blinds to become tangled around his neck.

Several donation efforts are underway as Noah’s family continues to mourn his loss. Check the Patrolling for Noah Facebook page for an ongoing list of local drives and events, or click here to visit’s Noah’s GoFundMe page.

Noah’s funeral will be at 10:00 a.m. Thursday, July 13, 2017, at High Mesa Cowboy Church and a burial will follow at Bangs Cemetery. Visitation will be held Wednesday evening from 5-7 p.m. at Blaylock Funeral Home.

The following excerpt about Noah was included in his obituary:

Noah had the sweetest soul and loving heart; he loved picking flowers for his momma and writing her sweet notes. He was full of life, always goofing around and asking every question he could think of. Like most little boys, he loved Batman, music and singing, being a cowboy, fishing and riding in the boat, and being outdoors. He had an infectious smile and giggle.

Heartbreaking Tragedy

Parents constantly worry about their children. As they get older, we worry less about the items inside our homes and worry more about the things outside. To have to lose your child for any reason is unthinkable, but to lose your child in your home over something as simple as blinds is absolutely heartbreaking.

Statistics from CPSC:

  • The leading hazard scenarios associated with window covering products are:
    1. Strangulation in the continuous loop cord or chain of vertical blinds and draperies or in loops formed by multiple cords terminating in a single tassel (older horizontal blinds);
    2. Strangulation in a loop formed by a knot tied in the lift cords (mostly associated with horizontal type blind cords but also included in some vertical type blind cords); and
    3. Strangulation in the inner loop of horizontal blinds.
  • Sixty percent of the incidents involved cord systems typically used in horizontal-type blinds; 40 percent involved continuous loop systems typical to vertical blinds and draperies.
  • Eighty-two percent of the incidents involved older products that did not conform to the voluntary standard.
  • Blinds that meet the voluntary standard can still pose a hazard if the cords are tied up or if the loose cords get entangled.

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