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Bexar County Sheriff’s Office Employee Arrested

A Bexar County Sheriff’s Office employee was arrested, according to KSAT12. The employee is accused of driving under the influence of alcohol. 36-year-old Noah Garcia was pulled over early Friday morning. He was stopped by San Antonio police about 1:45 a.m. near the intersection of Southeast Military Drive and Goliad Road. Garcia was arrested and charged with DWI.

Sheriff Javier Salazar was most displeased with this incident, calling it unacceptable to drink and get behind the wheel. “If I get information that somebody is dishonoring my badge, dishonoring my uniform, dishonoring the agency that I work for, I will hunt them down, and I will cut them out like a cancer. If it’s coming across that I’m a bit passionate about this, that I’m a bit angry about this, it’s correct,” Salazar said. These situations can cause so much and loss of trust in a profession that has already been almost demonized.

Garcia is a four-year employee with the Sheriff’s Office as a supervisor in the records division. He was placed on paid administrative leave for ten days while the Sheriff’s Office investigates the incident.

Salazar plans to seek the most severe disciplinary procedures available, including termination if it’s possible.

Drunk Driving

It is disappointing that an employee of the sheriff’s office would put public lives at risk by getting behind the wheel after drinking too much. We put our trust in those sworn to protect us and make no mistake; they should be held accountable in the same way as those they arrest in the same situation. Officials should be even more aware than civilians of the devastation such a selfless act can cause. Generally, these officers are the first at a scene of a drunk driving accident. They should be constantly aware of the pain and suffering victims go through with their duty as first responders. It is sad that there have been similar incidents with public servants and we can only hope that more harsh and serious consequences and punishments can deter the frequency of the incidence in our cities of this type of recklessness. These officials need to set the example for the rest of us and continue to serve with our safety in mind.

DWI Crash Statistics

In data released by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA:

  • There was a 7.7 percent increase in motor vehicle traffic deaths in 2015. An estimated 35,200 people died in 2015, up from the 32,675 reported fatalities in 2014.
  • According to NHTSA, every day, 28 people in the United States die in an alcohol-related vehicle crash, that’s one person every 53 minutes.
  • Drunk driving fatalities have fallen by a third in the last three decades; however, the chance of being in an alcohol-impaired crash is still one in three over the course of a lifetime.
  • These deaths and damages contribute to a cost of $52 billion per decade.

San Antonio Drunk Driving Injury Attorney

As a citizen, we have been taught that driving while intoxicated is not only dangerous to the driver, but also any person in the vicinity of the drunk driver. When we read about driving while intoxicated accidents, it is almost always assumed that the accident involves two or more vehicles; drivers and passengers. This, of course, is not true. Many drunk driving accidents involve pedestrians, property and even livestock.

These accidents open up many possibilities for loss, such as physical injury, property damage or even loss of life. If you find yourself in such a situation where driving while intoxicated has caused you or a loved one pain, physical injury, loss of income and even death. Please contact our offices and our staff will gladly set you an initial appointment at no cost to you with one of our professional attorneys.