East Side Building Considered Total Loss After Fire


East Side Blaze Consumes Commercial Building

According to Mysanantonio.com, a commercial building on the East Side is being considered a total loss because of a massive fire that sent billows of smoke clouds into the sky.

At least 20 units from the San Antonio fire department arrived at approximately 1:15 p.m. Tuesday of February 7th, 2017 in the 3700 block of Roland Road on the East Side, where they responded and battled the blaze.

San Antonio Fire Department Chief Charles Hood indicated that no injuries were reported and that no firefighters sustained any injuries, as well,  in the blaze. They had to fight the fire defensively, meaning they could not enter the building to extinguish the flames but rather fought the flames from the outside. Hood also said the blaze was difficult for the firefighters to battle because they were running low on water in the area.

“The building is a total loss, with the fire’s cause likely being accidental”, Hood said.

Several employees were working in the commercial building when the blaze started and they smelled smoke. The employees escaped outside and that’s when they saw the fire.


Fires and Property Damage

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Commercial or Business Fires

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