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Five Involved in Accident; Four Hospitalized

Two vehicles were involved in a car crash involving five people on August 17. The accident occurred on Callaghan Road near State Highway 151. A Ford Focus carrying three people and a Mitsubishi Monterrey with two passengers collided around 11:30 a.m. The Monterrey broadsided the Ford Focus as the Focus initiated a left turn onto eastbound State Highway 151. Sergeant Lloyd Jackel reported from the scene that the impact centered on the Focus’ door was so powerful that it is possible even the deployment of airbags would not likely have prevented the seriousness of the injuries.

The front passenger in the Focus was identified as 45-year-old Rhonda Augustson. Her injuries were initially found to be fatal by paramedics who performed life-saving procedures and revived the victim at the scene and rushed her to University Hospital. Three other victims were also transported to the hospital with minor injuries, while one victim was treated but did not require hospitalization. According to Augustson’s son, Ashton, who was also involved in the accident, believed that his mother’s heart immediately stopped upon impact. Ms. Auguston remained in critical condition, on life support Friday afternoon, according to the GoFundMe page. Augustson is employed by Children’s Methodist Hospital.

A distraught Ashton Augustson was being consoled by his girlfriend, Alyssa Rodriguez, at the scene. The younger Auguston tore by grief pleaded,

“I ask if y’all can please join us in prayer and hopeful thoughts during this tough time,” Rodriguez wrote Friday on her Facebook profile. “NEVER DOUBT THE POWER OF PRAYER!!”

Auto Accident Statistics

According to the Texas Motor Vehicle Traffic Crash Facts 2015:

  • Primarily based on reportable crashes in 2015, 1 person was killed every 2 hours, 29 minutes. Additionally, 1 person was injured every 2 minutes 8 seconds and 1 reportable crash occurred every 61 seconds.
  • There were 581 people killed in head-on crashes in 2015.
  • Of all persons killed in vehicles where restraint usage was applicable and usage was known in 2015, 40.3% were reported as not restrained when the fatal crash occurred.
  • 246,335 people were injured in motor vehicle traffic crashes in 2015.
  • The fatality rate on Texas roadways for 2015 was 1.43% deaths per hundred million vehicle miles traveled. This is a 2.05% decrease from 2014.
  • Texas experienced a decrease in the number of motor vehicle traffic fatalities. The 2015 death toll of 3,531 was a decrease of 0.14% from the 3,536 deaths recorded in 2014.
  • There were 13,616 serious injury crashes in Texas in 2015 that resulted in over 17,000 people sustaining a serious injury.
  • Fatalities in traffic crashes in rural areas of the state accounted for 54.52% of the state’s traffic fatalities.
  • There were 1,925 deaths in rural traffic crashes.
  • Ultimately, single vehicle, run-off the road crashes resulted in 1,255 deaths in 2015. This was 35.54% of all motor vehicle traffic deaths in 2015.

San Antonio Auto Accident Attorneys

These accidents are commonplace and unfortunately occur far too often. Regardless of road conditions, drivers attention, with or without the possibility of negligence these accidents do happen. When you find yourself a victim dealing with the aftermath of such a crisis, please contact our office and schedule a consultation at no cost to you.