Fort Worth Fire Station Temporarily Closed

Mold Causes Fire House Shut Down reported a Fort Worth fire station will temporarily close due to concerns of mold and building repairs. Station 26 on South Hulen Street will close for about six weeks while the work is being done.  Lt. Kyle Faulkner said, “They have some urgent repairs that need to be done, and unfortunately our crews won’t be able to stay in the station while that is going on.” The mold was found in the buildings living quarters in the rear area. No health complaints concerning the issue have been reported. Fire crews will be relocated to other stations during the repairs. Lt. Faulkner said “We dispatch units based on their driving time from the fire truck to that location, having nothing to do with the station location itself. So, by moving these two units to the other stations and still being able to dispatch the closest fire trucks, we are able to keep response times down.”

Safety and Health

Molds are fungi that are found everywhere – both indoors and outdoors all year round. The terms fungi and mold are often used interchangeably, but mold is a type of fungi. Concern about indoor exposure to mold has increased along with public awareness that exposure to mold can cause a variety of adverse health effects. There are many thousands of species of mold. Most, if not all of the mold found indoors, comes from outdoor sources. It seems likely to grow and become a problem only when there is water damage, high humidity, or dampness. Molds produce and release millions of spores small enough to be air-, water-, or insect-borne. They can also produce toxic agents known as mycotoxins. Spores and mycotoxins can have negative effects on human health. For those people who are affected by mold exposures, there can be a wide variation in how they react. People at greatest risk of health effects are individuals with allergies, asthma, sinusitis, or other respiratory conditions, as well as infants and children, elderly people, and pregnant women. Also, persons with a weakened immune system are at risk.

Workplace Injuries

A report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that in 2015, there were around 2.9 million reported work-related injuries or illnesses by private sector businesses. This amount of injuries and illnesses is lower than the previous year’s report by nearly 48,000 non-fatal injuries. However, almost half of the 2.9 million cases involved time away from work. Some places of business may offer compensation in the form of “sick days.” These can be used in instances where injuries and illness have left an employee unable to work. While no one reported any health issues, it’s not always the case for other employees. Companies and employers should provide a safe and healthy work environment, follow regulations, and follow safety measures. Unsafe workplace conditions can cause serious injuries and death. In return, this can cause mounting bills and lost wages. If you have been injured and feel neglected by your employer, contact our office to speak to one of our attorneys.