Man Shot in the Ankle in Drive-By Shooting


It was reported to police just before  11:00 p.m.  that a San Antonio man was recently the victim of a drive-by shooting. He is expected to fully recover from gunshots to the ankle after being taken to San Antonio Military Medical Center for his injuries.  The shooting occurred in the 6000 block of Hidden Sunrise Drive, not far from Mystic Sunrise Drive and Binz Engleman Road. 

When the police arrived, they found the victim shot and several shell casings in the street. The victim reported that he did not see who shot him, only that the shots originated from an unknown man in a speeding vehicle,  There have been no arrests made in the case.

Fortunately, this man was only shot in the ankle. Drive-bys are becoming so rampant and more dangerous because the shooter’s purpose is always not aimed at a specific target, but instead to produce the hail of bullets that will cause most injury and deaths. The most appalling consequence is many times innocent bystanders are harmed or killed and little thought is given to this possibility by those committing the crimes. This man was probably not the prime target as he was only shot in the ankle. These crimes are also dangerous because they usually occur in residential areas and bullets easily fly through homes and vehicles. Unsuspecting people are often times shot while in their homes. Whether the crime is planned for gang initiation, retaliation, domestic disputes, or the demise of a specific victim; this crime is escalating and more and more innocents are being killed for being in the wrong place at the wrong time,

Crime Statistics

Crime Facts at a Glance 2014 According to the Texas Department of Public Safety:

  • There were 913,403 index crime offenses reported with a 20.3 percent clearance rate for Texas in 2014.  
  • The crime rate for the State of Texas was 3,392.2 index offenses for every 100,000 inhabitants.  
  • During 2014, Texas law enforcement officers made 878,686 arrests. Of those arrested, 6.6 percent were 16 years of age and under.  
  • Firearms were used in 63.3 percent of all murders reported.  
  • There were 65,338 aggravated assaults reported. Of these, 21.3 percent were committed by the use of hands, fists, and feet; 21.4 percent involved a knife or cutting instrument, and 24.2 percent involved a firearm.   
  • 185,817 family violence incidents during 2014. There were 201,051 victims and 195,511 offenders.   
  • There were 18,756 sexual assault incidents reported with 19,834 victims and 19,821 offenders.


San Antonio Wrongful Death Attorneys

According to the above statistical data in 2014, 65,338 aggravated assaults were reported and of those assaults reported, 24.2 percent involved a firearm. Firearms were also reported to be used in 63.3 percent of all murders in 2014. Drive-bys are included in these numbers and make up a significant number. If you or someone you know has been injured or killed in a drive-by shooting and are seeking legal advice please contact our law office and let us help. We are here to help.