Violent Man Attacks Police Officers

According to KSAT, two police officers are recovering from a run-in with a violent man in San Antonio’s North Side. Sgt. Tobe Whitley said the officers were responding to a call for a disturbance when a man put up a struggle.

Police believe this man was involved in the disturbance. When he was found, the man charged at an officer and it took four officers to take him down. “When they approached him, he ended up charging an officer,” Whitley said. “A fight ensued with a total of four officers before they could actually get him taken down.” 

During the fight, one officer was bitten and another suffered a head injury. He was taken to the hospital with a cut on the forehead. “He received a cut on his forehead. EMS thought either by an elbow blow or a fist,” Whitley said. The suspect had some minor injuries. Police believe this man also broke out windows at a nearby store.

When officers answered the call, they received word that the man had returned to the mobile home park, and that’s when the fight began, Whitley said. “The suspect was high on narcotics, it appears. He’s either on crack or meth or something,” Whitley said.

Paramedics did examine the suspect at the scene before he was taken to jail. It wasn’t immediately clear what charges he will face,  and he has yet to be identified.

Workplace Injury Statistics

OSHA has developed guidelines and recommendations to reduce worker exposures to this hazard but is not initiating rulemaking at this time. Factors which may increase a worker’s risk for workplace assault, as identified by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), are:

  • Contact with the public
  • Exchange of money
  • Delivery of passengers, goods, or services
  • Having a mobile workplace such as a taxicab or police cruiser
  • Working with unstable or volatile persons in health care, social services, or criminal justice settings
  • Performing alone or in small numbers
  • Working late at night or during early morning hours
  • Working in high-crime areas
  • Guarding valuable property or possessions
  • Working in community-based settings

CURRENT STATUS- Some recommended engineering and administrative controls

  • Physical barriers such as bullet-resistant enclosures or shields, pass-through windows, or deep service counters
  • Alarm systems, panic buttons, global positioning systems (GPS), and radios (“open mike switch”)
  • Convex mirrors, elevated vantage points, clear visibility of service and cash register areas
  • Bright and efficient lighting
  • Adequate staffing
  • Arrange furniture to prevent entrapment
  • Cash-handling controls, use of drop safes
  • Height markers on exit doors
  • Emergency procedures to use in case of robbery
  • Training in identifying hazardous situations and appropriate responses in emergencies
  • Video surveillance equipment, in-car surveillance cameras, and closed circuit TV
  • Establish liaison with local police

San Antonio Workplace Attorneys

Police have dangerous jobs. But do they deserve to suffer from injuries they get while doing their jobs? Does anyone ever deserve to get hurt while doing what they are supposed to be doing? Getting hurt at work cuts into the pay we get when we have to ask for time off and also the medical bills add up quickly. Getting hurt on-the-job is so much more pain than just the physical pain. Give us a call today to see if we can help you.