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Firefighters Now Fighting Cancer and Workman’s Comp

October 7-8 was the National Firefighters Memorial Weekend, and many spent the day honoring and remembering their fallen co-workers and brethren who died protecting the lives of so many. According to NBC DFW, lost of them did not succumb to flames, but rather to cancer. This danger is an unseen one in the firefighting profession as firefighters are exposed to smoke, soot, and all manner of burning chemicals. Sadly, the fight against cancer isn’t the only one that they are fighting. They are having to prove that their disease they are fighting is caused by their job. Now one Texas

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Luby’s Employee Involved in Shooting Near Cafe

In an article by NBC DFW, it states that an employee of a Dallas Luby’s restaurant has been arrested in connection with a shooting that took place in proximity to the cafe. 20-year-old Ladarius Titus was taken into custody and booked into Dallas County Jail on Tuesday afternoon, October 24th. That day, officers responded to a call about some shots that had been fired around 1 p.m. to a shopping center that is located in the 5500 block of South Hampton Road. One person had a gunshot wound, the police said. The victim’s identity has not been released but this

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Bexar County Jail Attacks Among Inmates on the Rise

According to FOX29, inmate violence against other prisoners and jailers is on the rise. “Code 2” means an inmate is attacking another inmate or that an inmate has attacked a jail deputy. Records from the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office show that the code has increased, almost doubling since last year. January had 116 “Code 2’s.”, February had 92 calls, and in March there were 110 calls. A Special Emergency Response Team is called to assist anytime the code is issued. “We can’t just take lightly violence that’s occurring behind bars,” Sheriff Javier Salazar said. He also said that in the

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