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Our Personal Injury Attorneys have served thousands of Auto, Commercial Truck,
18-Wheeler, Motorcycle, Boat, and Train victims.

At KRW Lawyers, we’re a team of experienced Texas automobile and truck accident attorneys. Legal disputes can disrupt lives as much as the initial incident that caused the claim. At KRW Lawyers, we are experienced in handling legal disputes and efficiently obtaining the best result for our clients.

What Is A Legal Dispute?

In general, a legal dispute is any action, suit or proceeding between or among the parties in connection with a disagreement, dispute, controversy or claim related to an agreement.

Mass Tort

A mass tort is an act or omission that causes harm or injury to many people. Cases involve groups of individual lawsuits alleging the same issues against the same defendants. Examples are dangerous drugs or products, groundwater contamination, explosions, or factory pollution.

Storm Damage

Storm damage can destroy your home, ruin your beloved possessions, and turn your life upside down. Types of storm damage include roof damage, electrical line damage, hail damage, wind damage, water damage and others.


Property Damage

Natural disasters and random accidents at your home or commercial property can leave you with repair bills or major losses. Property damage claims include: smoke and fire damage, storm damage, hail damage and flood, water and hurricane damage.

Insurance Disputes

You buy an insurance policy to protect yourself and your family if something goes wrong. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always live up to their obligations. The insurance dispute attorneys at KRW have extensive experience in resolving insurance claim disputes.


Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is a serious crime in Texas that can carry severe punishments but a criminal case will not provide the compensation that a victim needs. A civil lawsuit can help victims find the justice and the resources they need to move forward.