If you suffered Schertz hail damage in the recent hail storm, you are not alone. More than 110,000 vehicles and thousands of Schertz homes were damaged by hail, with estimated damages surpassing $1.4 billion. Suddenly faced with so many Schertz hail damage claims, insurance companies are having trouble finding enough adjustors to handle the situation.

Remember: Your hail storm damage interests are directly opposed to the financial interests of your insurance company. The Schertz hail damage lawyers at Ketterman Rowland & Westlund are ready to help.

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  • With so many Schertz hail storm claims suddenly saturating the market, insurance adjustors will seek to minimize claims in whatever way they can
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Schertz Hail Damage Attorney

Schertz hail damage resulting from the 2016 storm will be the costliest the state of Texas has ever experienced. With so many claims to deal with, insurance companies are flying adjustors into Schertz from all over the United States to deal with the crisis. Are you certain that you will be treated fairly by your insurance company? If you have doubts, they’re warranted. Protect yourself with help from a qualified Schertz hail damage lawyer who fight to help you obtain the full amount of your policy.

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Not only will your Schertz Hail Damage lawyer from KRW help you better understand your insurance policy and deductable, they will also act as your personal advocate with the insurance company. Insurance adjustors are notorious for minimizing claims, which can make dealing with them a nightmare, especially when you’ve already suffered losses in a Schertz hail storm. Our team of professional Schertz litigators will protect your interests, defend your rights, and do everything the law allows to make sure you get the money you’re entitled to after diligently paying your insurance premiums for years.

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Schertz Tidbits

All throughout the years, the community of Schertz grew and the families of the Schertz family continually invested in the community. In 1910, Adolph Schertz was part of some 16 farmers who developed the Farmers Rural Telephone Company in order to communicate with each another, in addition to having long distance business centers. From having telephone lines strung over barb wire fences and a box with three keys to a service that provided to communities that are spread out over Guadalupe, Comal, and Bexar counties. Until it was purchased by the Southwestern Bell Company in 1958, this telephone service has become one of the largest privately owned telephone companies in the nation.

In 1917, Adolph donated two-acres of property for a new school district, because he realized that there was a need for a better school than the field house that they were currently located in. The new ten grade, two story level school was constructed and the Schertz School was established. The building of a new Schertz-Cibolo High School started in 1953. This new school alongside of the 1917, building, which is located at 301 Main Street. Sometime later, the school cam to be known as O’Henry, eventually became the Corbett Middle School. These days, the location is continually being used for many different purposes.

The son of Adolf Schertz, Walter J. Schertz, was a partner in the cotton gin that was operated and owned by the Schertz family as well as grain companies, in addition to family’s farming operation. He inherited the Schertz Electric Supply Company and was also the owner of the Schertz Water Works. In 1928, Walter J. Schertz started a land development project that was known as Aviation Heights, which helped out the housing problems that he soon realized the Randolph Air Force Base could cause. However, this venture folded as the result of a lack of funding and other complications. In 1940, Walter J. Schertz died and his son Walter A. Schertz soon took over the operation. In 1946, after he was discharged from the United States Army, Walter A. Schertz was determined to bring additional water sources into Schertz, which required Federal funding for the Schertz region, which were the same barriers that prevented Aviation Heights from being established.

Walter A. Schertz obtained more water at two different locations in Universal City by tapping into the Edwards Aquifer. This initiative permitted the building in Universal City of a 250,000-gallon storage tank, and soon a delivery main was installed, which transported water into Schertz. The Schertz Water Works provided water for as many as 1500 customers in both Universal City and Schertz, until 1963, when the company was sold.

Walter Schertz and his lawyer traveled to Washington D.C. and plead their case to have VA/FHA funding available for the Schertz region, after the water situation was resolved. Within only a few weeks, the approval was in place, and during the 1950’s, construction started and during the early 1960’s, was completed.  Several hundreds of these homes remain standing. From this development Walter A. Schertz partnered with a woman named Alda Mae Cross, a man named Russel Rowell, and a Dr. named Roy W. Richard and established the Green Valley Development Company. military retirees were purchasing their homes in the Schertz region so that they could be near the military facilities of Fort Sam Houston and Randolph, by the 1970’s.

Schertz has become a flourishing community as the result of the founding forefathers with their ability to grow for the future. However, it is still possible to get a glimpse of the past, with the remnants of the current Schertz, that includes Sippel’s Hardware store, located on Lindbergh Avenue, and William’s Mercantile, which is a red brick structure that remains standing at the corner of Lindbergh Ave and Main Street, until 2008. Sometime later an extension of the mercantile store became the Ace hardware store. It is currently the home to several different shops, that include a coffee house. The Schertz State bank, which is complete with two vaults inside, is currently the home to City on a Hill Church. The Schertz State Bank, has become the Schertz Bank and Trust, and has relocated to its current location across the parking lot, which was the initial location of the Schertz Hotel.

The first telephone office that Adolf Schertz helped to establish is still standing behind Main Street on Exchange. It is currently his private home. The Schertz family continues to reside on and is proud to still have the great grandson named Sebastian Schertz. Walter Schertz and his wife Lula Mae, still reside in the community of Schertz. In 2013, a fifth generation of the Schertz Family visited the community of Schertz, and later that same year, the great, great grandson of Joseph Schertz Jr., named Bill Mackey, in addition to his wife Carrie, were able to spend some time with their great, great Uncle Walter and Aunt Lula Mae, sharing memories and photos.

The year 1958 brought the incorporation of Schertz as a city. The city of Schertz hasn’t lost touch with its heritage and continues to embrace it these days, through its celebration of events and festivals that combine the future with the past, although it has grown considerably from its roots when it was first established.

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