If you suffered Schertz hail damage in the recent hail storm, you are not alone. More than 110,000 vehicles and thousands of Schertz homes were damaged by hail, with estimated damages surpassing $1.4 billion. Suddenly faced with so many Schertz hail damage claims, insurance companies are having trouble finding enough adjustors to handle the situation.

Remember: Your hail storm damage interests are directly opposed to the financial interests of your insurance company. The Schertz hail damage lawyers at Ketterman Rowland & Westlund are ready to help.

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Schertz Hail Damage Attorney

Schertz hail damage resulting from the 2016 storm will be the costliest the state of Texas has ever experienced. With so many claims to deal with, insurance companies are flying adjustors into Schertz from all over the United States to deal with the crisis. Are you certain that you will be treated fairly by your insurance company? If you have doubts, they’re warranted. Protect yourself with help from a qualified Schertz hail damage lawyer who fight to help you obtain the full amount of your policy.

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Not only will your Schertz Hail Damage lawyer from KRW help you better understand your insurance policy and deductable, they will also act as your personal advocate with the insurance company. Insurance adjustors are notorious for minimizing claims, which can make dealing with them a nightmare, especially when you’ve already suffered losses in a Schertz hail storm. Our team of professional Schertz litigators will protect your interests, defend your rights, and do everything the law allows to make sure you get the money you’re entitled to after diligently paying your insurance premiums for years.

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Schertz Tidbits

The history of the community of Schertz starts in Alsace Lorraine, France. Along with six of their ten children, Joseph and Anna Schertz arrived to the region by ship. In 1843, they left on the ship named the Jean Key De Teau. Along with their father, their sons named Johann Jean, Sebastian, and Joseph Jr., were excited about the promises of higher wages, inexpensive land, and less taxation than what they had been obtaining in France.

In 1844, the family arrived in Galveston, Texas but were traveling on to the port of Indianola, and wound up in San Antonio. The travel turned out to be both tragic and wearing on the Schertz family as they lost their sister named Affre, and their mother named Anna to an epidemic sickness. Once they had endured another year of broken promises and hardships of money and land, the Schertz family elected to return to France. However, they ran into Prince Carl of Solms-Braunfels, who was on his way to establish a new settlement that was going to be known as New Braunfels. Prince Solms-Braunfels offered them a ten-acre parcel for a farm in addition to a one-half acre lot for a settlement, to those who arrived in his settlement, because he was so moved by their plight of what other families that included the Schertz family had experienced. In 1845, the Schertz family accepted his offer and they arrived on the location of what is currently named New Braunfels. The Schertz family were among the first to help settle that region.

In 1849, Johann jean and Sebastian bought some 600 acres of property in Guadalupe County for 600 dollars. This was the early start of the future settlement of Schertz. From the 1850’s through the 1860’s, there were several landmark changes for the Schertz family.

In 1850, Joseph Sr. had been living with the family of Sebastian. While he was traveling to visit one of his relatives in the hill country in 1870, he died. His age at the time of his death was 89 years old.

Joseph Jr. moved to what is currently known as Universal City from New Braunfels. In 1858, he passed away after being bitten by a rattlesnake, while hunting for cattle on property that is currently known as Randolph Air Force Base.

In 1851, Johann Jean got married and settled as the original founder of what is currently known as the community of Boerne. In 1860, he passed away from acute appendicitis.

In 1849, Sebastian got married and between 1850 and 1860, he and his family lived between two different Comal county locations. Rumor has it that sometime during the 1860’s, Sebastian elected to try his luck in mining gold. Him and his family relocated to Missouri. However, eventually, the harshness of the winters forced the Schertz family to move back to Texas. Sebastian Schertz purchased some 307 acres of property and decided on settling in the southwestern portion of Guadalupe County in 1866, which is currently a portion of what is currently known as Schertz. This is when Sebastian developed a business and farming enterprise, which became the center for the   small settlement, known as Cut-Off. His three sons named William, Martin, and Adolf provided strong family support.

The first crops that were planted by the pioneers were oats, corn, and wheat. However, sometime later, cotton became the most profitable crop. This resulted in the need for a cotton gin in the region in order to harvest the cotton. In 1870, Sebastian Schertz constructed the first cotton gin, which was powered by a mule and then sometime later by steam. Cotton became a very prosperous crop and it wasn’t long before other farmers arrived in the region.

Sebastian also began the first water supply plant in the community, in addition to the cotton gin. This water supply plant was passed along to son Adolph and then to his son Walter J. Adolf was also the manager and owner of the Schertz Electric Company, in addition to the water plant, and eventually became the Guadalupe Valley Electric Company.

One of the most noted additions to Schertz arrived when the Galveston, Harrisburg and San Antonio Railroad was constructed through the community in 1876. When the railroad was built, Sebastian Schertz operated and owned a general store. Soon after the railroad arrived in 1882, the first post office was organized.

Sebastian Schertz died in 1890, and his two sons, who were Martin and Adolph, took over running of the cotton gin, which, until 1940, remained profitable and active. In 1892, Son William established a mercantile store, which became one of the largest store of its kind in Guadalupe County. In addition, between 1895 and 1899, and between 1902 and 1907, Schertz became the postmaster. The brothers owned large parts of property and, realizing the potential of the railroad, the need for a financial boom that a depot would provide for the community, in honor of his Father, Sebastian, William donated land for the train depot. In 1899, the community of Cut Off formally became the community of Schertz.