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A car accident is life altering, and if your injuries are serious you could find it hard to do the things you enjoyed before it happened. If you’re injured in a San Antonio car accident because of a negligent driver, it’s possible for you to seek compensation for a variety of losses and damages. Even minor injuries can cause problems later in life, so it makes sense to get professional help at this critical crossroads in your life.

The San Antonio Car Accident Lawyers at Ketterman Rowland & Westlund can help you navigate these complex waters. With decades of combined car accident experience, we are well equipped to assist you in your quest to obtain a fair settlement. Just schedule your appointment with a qualified attorney today, and find out if legal representation is right for you.

Our San Antonio Car Accident Lawyers Are Ready To Help You Seek Justice

  • If your injuries were caused by a negligent driver, you may be able to seek compensation
  • Recovery of medical bills, lost wages, and restitution for damage to your car may be possible
  • If your injuries are more serious, we can help you pursue damages for pain and suffering
  • Let us deal with the insurance companies while you focus on healing from your accident injuries
  • Don’t settle your car accident claim without making sure you’re being treated fairly

While car accidents are a part of everyday life in San Antonio, it still comes as a shock when it happens to you or a family member. You may have lost your car, your ability to work, and be facing a lengthy rehabilitation, all before you can resume a normal life. For some, their normal life may longer even be possible.

The experienced Car Accident Attorneys at KRW understand what you’re going through, because we’ve handled countless similar cases throughout our history. When you work with us, you have a dedicated team of attorneys fighting to protect your interests from the unfeeling business policies used by insurance companies. In other words: We have your back, and we will aggressively pursue your interests so that you can regain control of your life.

Our Car Accident Attorneys Know How To Handle Insurance Companies

One of the tactics utilized by insurance companies to minimize a car accident claim is to encourage a settlement before the victim has time to thoroughly review their settlement offer. Most people mistakenly believe that their insurance will treat them fairly when it matters most, because this is the idea they present every day in their television commercials.

The truth is that most accident insurance claims are settled for far less than the value of the insurance claim, which is great for the insurance industry, but not so great for accident victims. The best way to avoid this scenario is to allow a Car Accident Attorney to review any offer before you sign it. Chances are, you will save yourself plenty of heartache, because once you agree to a settlement, you have little recourse to readdress it.

San Antonio Car Accident Lawyers

Throughout negotiations with the insurance company, you get detailed progress reports and helpful advice when decisions must be made. You never have to worry about not understanding something, or have concerns that you’re making a wise choice, because we arm you with the legal knowledge you require to help yourself.

Payment is also another non-worry because we only collect our fee when the car accident case is resolved and you collect a settlement. Between this and our offer for a free case evaluation, anyone can benefit from professional representation regardless of budget.

Dealing With Negligent Drivers And Their Insurance Companies

There would be far fewer accidents if drivers were more conscientious. Negligent drivers cause most car accidents in San Antonio, affecting countless lives due to their carelessness or recklessness. When the actions of another motorist driving on San Antonio’s roads cause you injury or loss in a car accident, you shouldn’t have to pay the price.

Texas law agrees, and this is why you have legal recourse to seek compensation is these cases. Our San Antonio Car Accident Lawyers treat these cases like they were our own, because it’s frustrating when reckless drivers cause harm to others. Many don’t even show remorse, or even try to deny that they were in the wrong, but bringing justice to these situations is very rewarding.

When insurance companies play similar games, we conduct an independent investigation of the accident to gather evidence that solidifies our case. We won’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to fully protecting your rights, so trust KRW to help you make things right.

Don’t Take Unnecessary Chances With Severe Injuries

Injuries that cause permanent damage like scarring or trauma may require difficult rehabilitations and therapy. Worse, you may never get your previous level of health fully restored. Some car accident victims can’t even resume their career or are severely limited in the things they can enjoy in life.

In car accident cases involving severe injury, your San Antonio attorney may seek compensation in the form of damages for pain and suffering. Even minor injuries may qualify, so it’s important to speak with your doctor, and make sure you fully understand your condition and prognosis. While it’s true that no amount of money can heal certain injuries, a fair settlement can help you retain your dignity and start a new life with your family.

Our goal is to maximize your car accident settlement in whatever way we can.

Contact KRW For A Free Consultation With Our Professional Litigators

Whether we can settle your case via negotiations, or have to go to court, it all starts by scheduling a free consultation with one of our experienced Car Accident Lawyers. We will first help you to determine whether you can pursue compensation. If so, we will then start analyzing your case in detail so that we can chart a course toward resolution. Give us a call today and start getting reliable answers to your most pressing legal questions.

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