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KRW Lawyers in Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas, was settled and established in 1839 and is now populated with a culturally diverse population of nearly one million residents. The KRW Austin office actively supports the independent spirit of our beloved community and is passionately committed to serving others.

We take action when anyone in our community experiences life-altering challenges when facing asbestos illnesses and Mesothelioma diagnosis. We compassionately serve Austin, Buda, Bastrop, Bertram, Burnet, Dripping Springs, Elgin, Kyle, Taylor, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Georgetown, Pflugerville, Hutto, Jarrell, Leander, Liberty Hill, Lockhart, Manor, Marble Falls, San Marcos, and Wimberely. KRW has the experience to handle these complex cases and is driven by exceptional outcomes.

KRW Lawyers does not charge up-front fees and is happy to provide a free consultation and learn how we can help provide comfort knowing we will fight for asbestos and Mesothelioma compensation. We are Texas proud and dedicated to hard-working Texans and their families. KRW Lawyers in Austin, Texas, is your one powerful law firm.

Asbestos Exposure and Toxic Effects

Asbestos is a commercial and industrial term designating a group of specific silicate minerals that forms bundles of long and thin mineral fibers. Naturally occurring asbestos is only a health problem if it is disturbed. Breathing in the fibers is the primary way people are exposed to asbestos.

Asbestos exposure can cause a variety of cancers and health risks. The hazardous nature of asbestos is characterized by transferring its microscopic fibers into the lungs through air, contact, or person-to-person spreading.

Asbestos’s toxic properties can cause cancer, including Mesothelioma, cancer of the lungs, larynx, ovaries, pharynx, stomach, and colorectum. It often takes many years to show up as a severe health risk and is linked to a cough, shortness of breath, chest, shoulder, or abdominal pain. For example, mesothelioma isn’t easily diagnosed until symptoms become severe and in the later stages. If you or any of your family members have been affected by the toxic effects of asbestos, contact KRW Lawyers Austin at 855-579-5299.

At Ketterman Rowland & Westlund, we take a compassionate approach and experience settling complex Mesothelioma and asbestos cases statewide throughout Texas. KRW Lawyers does not charge up-front fees and provides free consultation to help you with the life-altering effects of Mesothelioma and asbestos diseases. Contact KRW Lawyers Austin at 855-579-5299.

We are Texas proud and dedicated to hard-working Texans and their families. KRW Lawyers in Austin, Texas, is your one powerful law firm.

Mesothelioma Lung Cancer Law – Were You Exposed at Work or Home?

Fifty nations have banned asbestos, but the United States still allows citizens to be exposed even though it is known to cause severe illness and death in microscopic amounts.

Industry lobbyists and their allies in U.S. Congress repeatedly block legislation. Interestingly, Canada recently banned asbestos in most of its industries in 2018. However, Mexico has not banned asbestos and supports over 2,000 Mexican companies manufacturing products for export. Mexico, China, and India use more asbestos than any other developing country.

In 2001, asbestos was banned in Texas from being used in new home construction. However, asbestos can still be found in earlier home builds. For example, houses built between 1930 and 1950 may have asbestos found in insulation, roofing, and siding shingles.

Asbestos cement may also be in textured paint, patching compounds, and wall and ceiling joints. In the past, asbestos was added to products to strengthen, provide heat insulation, and resist fire. 

Additional asbestos products included boilers and furnace ducts insulated with asbestos blankets or tape: resilient floor tile, the backing on vinyl sheet flooring, and installation adhesives.

Cement sheeting, millboards, and paper used as insulation around furnaces and woodburning stoves also feature asbestos. These listed materials need to be removed carefully, without scraping, sanding, or puncturing these materials where they can release toxic fibers into the air.

Many everyday household items such as fireproof gloves, stove-top pads, ironing board covers, hairdryers, decorative snow, and artificial fireplace ash also featured asbestos fibers and materials.

The automobile industry also features asbestos on brake pads and linings, clutch facing, and gaskets.

How Our Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help

Your legal representation requires compassion, results, and immediate action. Accordingly, we value the importance of your case and defend your interests in the pursuit of justice and compensation.

You and your family’s lives are vitally important. Do not sacrifice your future or let time pass you by. KRW Lawyers and our legal team are here to help you get started today. Call KRW Austin, TX at 855-579-5299.

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