Hailstorm Damage Attorney McAllen

McAllen Hailstorm Damage Attorney

  • Insurance companies are only concerned about their bottom line — not you
  • If you’ve suffered property damage from a hailstorm we can help
  • You have deadlines to file your claim, or contest a low payment or claim denial
  • We will help you fight against the uncaring practices of your insurer

When you suddenly find yourself the victim of damage from a hailstorm, windstorm, or tornado, you’re left trying to pick up the pieces and move forward with your life. Nature’s forces are no match for mere wood and shingles, and you can lose your home, valuables, and most treasured memories, in the blink of an eye.

When storm damage becomes a part of your life, it’s natural to cling to hope amidst all of the despair. Often, hope comes in the form of your home insurance policy, and the opportunity for rebuilding that it promises.

But what can you do when your insurance company fails to live up to their end of the agreement, and refuses to compensate you according to the terms of your homeowner’s policy?

This is when it’s time to contact a McAllen hailstorm lawyer, and get help from a compassionate legal professional who will fight to ensure you a justly compensated. If you’ve suffered storm damage and want to ensure you get the money you’re entitled to, don’t take any chances. Contact a McAllen Storm Damage Lawyer from our office by calling (210) 490-4357. With help from a qualified McAllen hailstorm attorney, you can protect yourself from the improper tactics and hurtful policies that insurance companies employ.

Insurance Company Problems? A McAllen Storm Damage Attorney Can Help

Did you know that the average homeowner’s insurance claim payout in the state of Texas is only 10% to 20% of the property damage claim’s actual value? How is this even possible or legal?

When most people first suffer damage from a hailstorm or other disaster, they believe that their first order of business should be to contact their insurance adjustor. And why not? If you have faithfully paid your insurance premiums for many years, you expect your adjustor to treat you fairly, just like you’ve seen a thousand times on the company’s commercials.

Any quality McAllen hailstorm lawyer is going to tell you this simple fact – your insurance adjustor’s only responsibility is to their employer and the shareholders that earn a dollar off of every dollar they refuse to pay property damage victims. Common tactics to minimize claim payouts include underpaying the storm damage claim, denying the claim, or delaying payment to the homeowner.

This is more than frustrating, it can jeopardize your future and that of the people you care most about. Worst of all, it usually works. Don’t face your insurance company alone, get help now from a McAllen hailStorm Damage Attorney who knows how these companies operate and will fight to protect you and your family from their unfeeling business model

McAllen Hailstorm Lawyer

It’s You Versus Them, So Have a McAllen Hailstorm Lawyer in Your Corner

Statistics prove that you will benefit from having a qualified McAllen Storm Damage Attorney fighting to protect your interests, but time is also of the essence. Texas law includes deadlines for filing property damage claims and lawsuits, and these are likely unique to your specific policy. If you don’t get help within the timeframe of these deadlines, preferably from an experienced McAllen hailStorm Damage Lawyer, you could lose the right to receive the settlement you’re entitled to.

Because deadlines are determined on a case-by-case basis, your McAllen Storm Damage Lawyer will help you decipher the terms of your policy. If your property damage claim has already been underpaid or denied, other deadlines may still apply, and the goals of your McAllen hailstorm attorney may include

  • Forcing your insurance company to fulfill their obligation to you
  • Recovering any additional money you are entitled to (including Property Damage Attorney fees, and any late payment penalties)

The most important thing to remember is: Missing your deadline means losing the right to pursue your claim — forever

“What is My Deadline?” – A McAllen Property Damage Lawyer Answers

What is the best way to determine your deadline? Talk to a qualified McAllen Property Damage Attorney without delay, so that they can examine the facts of your case and review the following paperwork

  • Insurance Policy
  • Declarations Page
  • Correspondence from Your Insurer
  • Records of Your Insurance Payments
  • Paperwork Received from Your Adjustor
  • All Documents Related to Your Claim

After your McAllen Property Damage Lawyer completes their review, they will get to work ensuring you get the money you were promised when you signed your name on your homeowners policy.

Contact Us Today for a Free Consultation at (210) 490-4357

Our goal is to make sure that you get compensated for the damage you incurred in a hailstorm, tornado, or other storm event. You may also be entitled to compensation from medical bills, missed work, and pain and suffering.

Even if you’ve already filed a claim we can still help you, so don’t hesitate to call us and make sure you’ve got a professional on your side when taking on the unrelenting machinery of your insurance company.

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