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Serious burn injuries are excruciatingly painful and take a very long time to heal. Severe burns can cause damage not only to the skin but to the underlying muscle, bones, and organs as well. For a serious burn to fully heal, it must scar. Often, skin grafts are required, which is not only expensive but also very painful. In many cases, plastic or reconstructive surgery is necessary to try to repair the extent of the damage caused by a burn. After a serious accident, burn injuries can place a tremendous amount of physical, financial, and emotional stress on the victim and their entire family. If you have suffered a burn injury due to the negligence or carelessness of someone else, you must speak to one our knowledgeable burn injury lawyers today.

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KRW Burn Lawyers

Common Burn Injury Cases We Handle

Burns happen more easily, and more often, than many people think. Some of the most common burn injury cases our law firm handles include:

  • Flash burns: These burns are a result of an explosion of natural gas, propane, and other flammable items. Victims of motor vehicle accidents often suffer from flash burns.
  • Flame burns: These burns occur when a person is exposed to intense heat for a prolonged period of time. Accidents resulting from faulty stoves and heaters can result in these types of burns. Flame burns are also commonly seen in motor vehicle accidents.
  • Scald burns: Scald burns are caused by extremely hot liquids, such as from a cup of coffee that is far too hot.
  • Chemical burns: Strong acids or alkali substances, such as those found in household cleaners, react with the lipids in the skin and can cause severe damage. Swimming pool chemicals can also cause chemical burns.
  • Electrical burns: These burns are caused by an AC or DC current that runs through the body. These injuries are commonly seen on construction sites, offices, restaurants, and agricultural sites.
  • Radiological: As the name implies, these types of burns are caused by radiation. Sunburns are one type of radiological burn. Sometimes, improper use of X-ray or radiation equipment by health care professionals can also result in radiological burns.

Burn injuries are quite common, particularly at accident scenes. While some burns are minor and will heal on their own in a short time, others are much more severe. Sometimes, accident victims must live with the impact of a burn for the rest of their lives.

Compensation in Burn Injury Claims

The compensation awarded in Texas personal injury claims is known as damages. Damages vary from case to case, as no two accidents are exactly the same. Burn injuries are also unpredictable, as they each have different scarring patterns and the amount of damages varies from person to person.

There are two main types of compensation awarded in personal injury claims. These are economic damages, which have a specific dollar value, and non-economic damages, which are more difficult to determine. The most common types of compensation in a burn injury case include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Prescription medication
  • Travel costs
  • Surgery costs, including skin grafting and plastic surgery
  • Lost income
  • Loss of future earning capacity
  • Permanent scarring or disfigurement
  • Pain and suffering

An attorney can review your claim and determine its full value, including calculating non-economic damages.

How Our Burn Injury Lawyers Can Help You

If you have suffered a burn injury in an accident that was the fault of someone else, you shouldn’t have to suffer financially. At KRW, our San Antonio burn injury lawyers can help. We will determine who was liable for your injuries and fight to hold them accountable for paying you compensation that can help ease the financial burden of your injuries.

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