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Side-Impact Car Accidents

In the state of Texas, side impact collisions are one of the most common types of automobile accidents. These are commonly referred to as a T-bone collision or broadside collision. It is when one side of a vehicle is impacted by either the front or rear end of another automobile. The name T-bone collision is popular due to the fact when this type of accident occurs, the scene is left looking similar to a “T.”Side-impact collisions put the driver of the impacted vehicle at a greater risk of injury than a front-end collision. This is because when a vehicle is hit from either it’s front or back end, there is more material such as metal, glass, and engine parts to absorb the collision. However, when a vehicle is hit from its passenger or driver side, there is only a matter of inches separating the person’s body from the force of the other vehicle.

Serious Injuries from Side-Impact Collisions

These T-bone collisions possess the greatest potential for serious and life-threatening injury. There are more fatalities due to injury being sustained to both the brain and head in side-impact collisions than any other type of accident. Common injuries in this type of side impact collision include whiplash and neck injuries. This is not only a result of the force of the impact, but also because of the difference in the height and size of the vehicles involved in the crash. An example of this would be a truck sitting higher off the ground colliding with the side of a sports car that has smaller tires and doesn’t sit as high.It is estimated that over 20 percent of all vehicle accidents involve side-impact collisions. Of that estimated number, over 25 percent result in death for a passenger or driver involved. Because of this, vehicle manufacturers have worked diligently to develop safer side-impact airbags since the early 1990s. As early as January of 2011, the Highway Safety Insurance Institute developed a study showing side-impact airbag equipped vehicles greatly lowered the risk of accident fatalities.

Who is at Fault in Side Impact Accidents?

Side-impact collisions commonly occur resulting in a failure to yield or obeying a traffic signal. There are many situations which are common that fall under the failure to yield category. Many side impact collisions happen to result from a driver failing to yield to another motorist while making a turn or entering an intersection. They can also result from the driver of a vehicle running a stop sign or traffic control device. This results in one vehicle colliding with the side of another.

Report to Police

If you’re involved in a side-impact collision that you feel was caused by the negligence of another driver, there are a few things you will want to do if you are physically able. First and foremost, make sure all individuals involved are safe and contact the police right away. Once you have contacted the proper authorities, take as many pictures of the accident as you can.Take photos from every side of the vehicle, both up close and from a distance. Spend time talking with everyone who witnessed the accident. Get as many details from them as you can and ask if they would be ok talking with your car accident attorney. Make sure you take their contact information and when the best time is for them to be reached.

Working with a San Antonio Side-Impact Accident Lawyer

When making a decision on an attorney to represent you, spend time finding someone with experience when it comes to automobile accidents. Ask for their record win it comes to winning claims for the clients they have represented in the past. If they are truly good at what they do, they will have no problem sharing this information with you.