Rockport Property Damage Lawyer

There are several different ways a storm in Rockport can damage your property. High winds, hail, flooding, and lightning are just a few of the myriad ways your property can be damaged with the advent of a storm. Insurance companies are organizations intent to make a profit and they may do whatever they can to minimize the amount they have to pay in settlements. Our Rockport Storm Damage Lawyers are here to help you get the most out of your insurance claim.

The State of Texas can have some volatile weather. No one knows this more than the residents of the Gulf Coast City of Rockport. From tropical storms to hurricanes, the Rockport area can be battered by some severe weather conditions. With each storm that comes, there is always the potential to damage a vast amount of property in a short amount of time. One of the biggest problems with anticipating a storm and its damage is the unpredictable nature of storms in general. The one thing that you should be able to rely on after a storm has upended your life is your insurance company.

Sadly, even if you have been paying your insurance premiums diligently for quite some time, you may not be offered a fair settlement for the damages to your property. Your insurance company may attempt to give you an unfairly low settlement offer in an attempt to save their company money. Since storms can affect a broad area, your insurance may experience a higher influx of claims. This can lead the company to drag their feet when it comes to actually paying out your claim. These are just a couple of reasons why it may be in your best interest to reach out for a professional Rockport property damage lawyer.

 Our KRW property damage lawyers can help you in your efforts to protect and preserve the financial value of your home or property. We are more than willing to help fight against the apathy that seems to pervade most insurance companies when it comes to maintaining their bottom line.

Call (210) 490-4357 if you feel you are being treated unfairly by your insurance company. At Ketterman Rowland & Westlund your initial consultation is free so there is no need to hesitate to call and talk to us about the details of your claim.

Rockport Storm Damage Lawyer

Rockport Hailstorm Damage Lawyer

Hailstorms are a destructive part of living in Texas. Hurricanes, tropical storms, and tornadoes each have the potential to drop large amounts of damaging hail. Sometimes the damage is easy to see in the form of broken, cracked, or missing roof tiles. Other times, the damage may not be viewable by an untrained eye. Insurance companies are notorious for underpaying hail damage claims so you will want to have someone on your side helping to look out for your best interests. We can help go over the verbiage of your policy to see what is covered by your insurance company and work to get you a fair settlement.


Rockport Wind Damage Lawyer

Another common type of damage that coincides with hurricanes and other storms that hit Rockport is wind damage. In the blink of an eye, your roof can be gone and suddenly you have lost everything to the ravages of a storm. In just one moment, you may find yourself and your family without the basic necessities of life. In the event of a catastrophic storm that leaves you needing to quickly recover your normal life, you will want to have someone in your corner fighting for a quick and fair settlement from your insurance company. If you call a KRW wind damage lawyer to get information on how we can help, there is no obligation or risk involved in your initial consultation.

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Rockport County Facts and History

Rockport was founded as a cattle processing and shipping port in 1867 and is also the County Seat of Aransas County. A man by the name of George Fulton began building a mansion near Rockport. The mansion was completed in 1877 and is now a historical landmark in the Fulton Community area. Often times Rockport is referred to as Rockport-Fulton since the two communities share such a close space on the Live Oak Peninsula. There are several other smaller towns in the area such as Holiday Beach, Spanish Village, and Estes.

Tourism, boat building, and the fishing industry really started to take off after the railroad came through in 1886. Rockport started to become a popular coastal getaway for those with the financial means to travel. A few years later, the town got its first electric lights in 1890. Also that same year, the First National Bank of Aransas Pass opened in Rockport. Almost two decades after the turn of the century, Rockport was nearly a complete loss after it was almost destroyed by a hurricane in 1919. After a few years, the town bounced back as the shrimp industry began to develop in 1925. As the shrimping industry continued to be a boon for the city, harbors were built for Rockport-Fulton in 1935. A shipyard was built to make speedboats that could chase submarines in 1941. In current times, shrimping, fishing, and tourism still remain as major contributors to the Rockport economy.

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