San Antonio Defective Drug Lawyers

  • You trust your physician, but sometimes prescription drugs cause debilitating side effects that can adversely affect your health
  • A drug is considered defective when it causes emotional, psychological, or physical injury
  • A defective drug lawyer from Ketterman Rowland & Westlund can help you pursue justice
  • The long-term effects of some drugs are unknown, yet still approved by the FDA
  • Preparing a defective drug case requires a knowledge of the industry, and access to resources that will aid an investigation

You Trust Your Doctor with Your Health,
but What Happens When Defective Drugs are Prescribed?

When your doctor prescribes a drug, you trust that they have your best health interests in mind. While this is usually true, there are times when doctors prescribe drugs that cause debilitating side effects, or even death.

Doctors aren’t solely to blame when defective drugs cause problems. Pharmaceutical companies sometimes rush drugs to the marketplace without taking the time to perform exhaustive tests of their shot and long-term side effects. Even the FDA makes mistakes, like when they approve a drug based on faulty or misleading information that was presented by the pharmaceutical company that manufactured it.

So, while doctors may prescribe a drug believing that it will help a patient, they may find out later that its long-term side effects cause sickness, injury, or death to their patients. The damage wrought by drugs can include heart attacks, strokes, embolisms, and other health issues that may be less dramatic but no less debilitating.

At Ketterman Rowland & Westlund, we understand that when health problems arise because of defective drugs, more than just your trust has been violated. The health complications you suffer are very real, so you need to protect yourself with help from our team of San Antonio defective drug attorneys.

What Exactly Is a Defective Drug?

Simply stated, a defective drug is one that causes a person injury – either emotional, physical, or psychological. A defective drug may be purchased over-the-counter or prescribed by a physician. Health problems may arise from the drug under the following circumstances:

  • The drug is mislabeled
  • The drug is defective
  • There are insufficient warnings on the label
  • The drug’s labeling is incomplete

If your health has been compromised because of a defective drug, you can fight back and seek compensation in the form of a monetary settlement. In fact, a San Antonio defective drug lawyer from our law firm can help you pursue justice if you’ve succumbed to the adverse effects of a prescription drug, over-the-counter drug, vitamin, or supplement.

Does FDA Approval Mean a Drug is Safe?

Many people mistakenly believe that if the FDA approves a drug that it is then safe for use by anyone, but this is not the case. In fact, few drugs are safe for everyone, and many list conditions that would preclude someone with a certain health condition from taking the drug.

However, a drug can be approved by the FDA and still have side effects unknown to the user for a variety of reasons:

  • The drug company omitted pertinent health information
  • The drug manufacturer pressured the FDA for approval
  • The drug company failed to include adequate safety warnings

In every one of these circumstances, the drug company should be held accountable for health problems acquired by patients that trusted in the safety of the product. Our San Antonio defective drug attorneys will aggressively fight to protect your interests. We have a variety of options at our disposal to seek redress, and may pursue damages for:

  • Lost Wages
  • Medical Bills
  • Pain and Suffering

You may be unsure whether certain health problems you’re experiencing were caused by a defective drug. So, how can you know for sure?

San Antonio Defective Drug Lawyer

Understanding the Effects of a Defective Drug

Under certain circumstances, your San Antonio defective drug lawyer may recommend you seek independent, professional assistance to determine if a certain drug is causing your health-related issues. This is because the detrimental effects of a drug may not manifest themselves until many years have passed. San Antonio Defective Drug Lawyer.

Additionally, drug defects have various causes that could include chemical defects, unlisted warnings, or unreported side effects. Complications from defective drugs include:

  • Physical pain
  • Organ damage
  • Mental distress
  • Heart problems
  • Bone damage
  • Death

Building a defective drug case requires an intimate knowledge of the industry, as some complications stemming from improperly tested drugs receive a certain amount of notoriety. Defective drug cases also require in-depth investigation efforts and access to the proper resources.

The San Antonio Defective Drug attorneys at Ketterman Rowland & Westlund understand the frustration of dealing with health-related issues because of bad drugs. We have also seen firsthand how defective drugs impact people and their families who trusted their physician with their health, only to face a long road to recovery and a non-stop flood of medical bills.

There is hope because the law offers you recourse. So, if you’re suffering from health problems and you suspect it’s because of a defective drug, now is the time to fight back.

Consult with a San Antonio Defective Drug Lawyer without Risk or Obligation

We offer a free consultation so that you can get more information about your situation without risk or obligation. Whether you’re experiencing health related issues that you suspect are related to a defective drug, vitamin supplement, or over-the-counter medication, it makes sense to act in your own best interests.

A defective drug can create lasting health issues that can cause you to miss work, rack up a fortune in medical bills, and face of lifetime of debilitating emotional and physical pain. We can help you develop a case designed to help you stay on track financially, and get the care you need to restore your health.

The pharmaceutical companies may seem like a behemoth, but you can fight back. We will be in your corner throughout this process, ensuring you get sound legal advice from a team of litigators who understand there is nothing more important than your health.