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  • Injuries and death because of defective products are far more common than many people realize
  • Defective products cases are often complex, so hiring an experienced attorney is essential
  • Our team of professionals understand how defective products law applies to unique circumstances
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If you’ve suffered an injury because of a defective product, you may wonder how this event will affect the rest of your life. How long will it take to recover? How much are my medical bills going to cost? Will I be able to pay my bills if I miss a lot of work? Will I be permanently disabled?

If you’re asking yourself any of these questions, you need to speak with one of our San Antonio Defective Products Attorneys as quickly as possible. While product liability claims are often complex and expert-intensive, you deserve to be fairly compensated for injuries sustained while using a defective product. Texas’ defective products law confirms this assessment as product liability cases have the second-highest median damage awards of all Personal Injury claims.

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Injury and Death from Defective Products are More Common than You Think

Thousands of injuries and deaths happen every year because of defective and unsafe products. Everything from a power cord to your automobile can pose a threat to your safety and life, if the product has inherent flaws in its design that jeopardize its reliability.

Still, the injuries incurred by defective products can be severe and even permanently disabling. In these cases you are entitled to compensation in the form of adequate medical care, hospital bills, lost income and wages, and physical pain and mental distress.

Our San Antonio Defective Products Lawyers have helped many others who were injured by faulty goods, and they can do the same for you. We understand the far-reaching, and often devastating, effects that these injuries can have on you and your entire family.

San Antonio Defective Products Attorneys

Identifying a Defective Product

Simply stated, a defective product can be described as having the following attributes:

  • It is unreasonably dangerous
  • It does not carry adequate warnings concerning potential dangers
  • The manufacturer fails to provide complete and adequate instructions on the device’s usage

The list of potential products that could be considered defective include, but are not limited to:

  • Drugs
  • Vehicles
  • Retail goods
  • Equipment
  • Medical devices
  • Consumer electronics

What are Your Rights as a Consumer?

As consumers, we often take our rights for granted, and the most basic consumer right is safety. It is the manufacturer’s obligation, by law, to ensure that their products are built in such a way that the user cannot be harmed by its proper use.

More common product defect cases involve devices that have a manufacturer defect, improper warnings, or a defective design. However, the most common injuries stem from the lack of a primary safety feature. So, if the design is defective, there is no safety feature in place to protect the user from injury or death. San Antonio defective products lawyers.

How You Should Choose Your Defective Products Attorney

Defective product cases are some of the most difficult we deal with, and they require unique investigative methods and legal procedures. There are also time limitations imposed by the law for filing a case, so it’s essential that you consult with one of our San Antonio Defective Products attorneys as soon as you can. San Antonio defective products law.

We will immediately seek to collect all evidence pertaining to the defective item, in order to bolster our case and seek maximum financial compensation. If you’re unsure whether your claim qualifies, we will help you sort through the evidence and come to a conclusion as to the merits of your case.

Because of the complexity involved in defective products cases, it is highly recommended that you work with an experienced team of lawyers that understand how the law applies to your specific circumstances.

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Financial compensation after suffering an injury from a defective product could be the only way you can pay your medical bills, get compensated for lost work, and find closure from this traumatic event so that you can fully heal. Money can’t replace everything you may have lost, but it may help make your life more comfortable.