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The Causes of Truck Accidents

Car About to Crash into Semi-Truck

In 2016, one person lost their life every 2 hours 20 minutes in Texas, while one got injured every couple of minutes. Heavy and fast travelling trucks are often the culprit, causing serious damages to life and property. If you had the misfortune of being victim of an accident and injured as a result, you may want to contact a San Antonio truck accident lawyer for a free consultation.

Truck Accidents And Why They Happen

Truck accidents have always been a problem in Texas. Even back in 2010, there were 284 serious truck accidents and overall 15,676 commercial trucks accidents.

The number of accidents involving commercial vehicles went up to 34,230 in 2015 which caused 601 deaths and 1,522 fatal injuries.

So, what causes the high number of truck accidents in Texas?

It’s difficult to pinpoint it here – the fault doesn’t necessarily lie with the driver.

The Top Common Causes of Truck Accidents

We will discuss the common problems that cause truck accidents so that you can make informed decisions if you are injured in one.

1. Bad Road Conditions

Roads with large potholes, unpaved surface or dirt can cause a truck to lose control. Narrow lanes and highways without shoulders can make driving dangerous and lead to accidents.

Construction on the road without proper warnings can also lead to disastrous consequences for a speeding truck.

2. Bad Weather

Texas hailstorms are common, and have set record losses for homeowners and autos back in 2016. Snow and rain can cause a truck to skid and ram into other vehicles.

Fog and rain can cause low visibility which makes it difficult for the driver to make out where he is going.

3. Mechanical Malfunction

Trucks can break down or develop a snag just like any other machine. Even without the fault of the driver it can cause accidents or make the truck go out of control.

For example, the tires can be worn out, or the brakes may not work in the time leading to accidents.

4. Driver Fatigue

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration says as many as 13% truck accidents happen because of driver fatigue.

Overwork and lack of sleep can stress out and make drivers tired. In such a condition they are not able to respond fast enough to road conditions which result in mishaps.

Other factors can also be related to the driver like-

  • Inexperience of driving on highways
  • Distraction caused by handling mobile
  • Intoxication or influence of drugs
  • Over speeding and not following traffic laws
  • Rash driving or negligent driving

Responsibilities of Trucking Companies

At times, the trucking companies are at fault. Whether it’s an 18-wheeler or a delivery truck, they may overload the truck which may cause it to tip over or jackknife. The law mandates the companies to check the eligibilities of every driver before hiring them which may be overlooked. They are responsible for keeping the trucks in shape failing which they may malfunction.

Were you Injured in any Truck Accident?

Reasons can for truck accidents could be endless – from negligent driving of other vehicles on the road to pedestrian movement. If you have been injured or faced losses due to a truck accident, consult our lawyer today!

We will take a look at the trucking company’s negligence and negotiate compensation for you. Our expert lawyers have years of experience behind them when it comes to accessing trucking company policies and practices. We can know just where things went wrong and help you get the compensation you deserve.