San Antonio Property Damage Lawyer

  • There are many varieties of property damage you can suffer in San Antonio
  • These include storm damage, hailstorm damage, wind damage, and many others
  • Your insurance company will likely do whatever they can to minimize your claim
  • San Antonio Storm Damage Lawyers from our office will help you maximize your settlement
In San Antonio, and the rest of Texas, a storm can wreak havoc on your life in the blink of an eye, leaving you with property damage that will take money and time to repair. When storm damage turns your life upside down, you rely on your insurance company to help you get your life back to normal. But even if you’ve paid your premiums on time for years, your insurance company may fail to offer you fair compensation for hailstorm damage, wind damage, or other varieties of storm damage. You need a KRW San Antonio Property Damage Lawyer to help you get the compensation you deserve.

It’s times like these that you need San Antonio Property Damage Lawyers to help you protect your financial future, and aggressively fight against the uncaring tactics employed by insurance companies to increase their bottom line at your expense.

Call (210) 490-4357 today and speak with a professional San Antonio Property Damage Lawyer from Ketterman Rowland & Westlund. We offer a free consultation, so don’t waste another minute.

San Antonio Storm Damage Lawyer

San Antonio Hailstorm Damage Lawyer

Hailstorms are a part of life in San Antonio, and they often accompany other disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes. When a hailstorm strikes, you can lose everything in the blink of an eye. Depending on the terms of your policy, your insurance company may be responsible for property damage, medical bills, wages from missed work, and even pain and suffering.

Insurance companies routinely underpay hailstorm claims to the tune of only 10 to 20 percent of the claims full value, so where does this leave you? KRW San Antonio Storm Damage Lawyers are here to seek your best interest

Contact a KRW San Antonio Storm Damage Lawyer today and make sure you get the compensation you were guaranteed when you signed your insurance papers on the bottom line.

San Antonio Wind Damage Lawyer

Wind damage is another common form of storm damage in San Antonio. Much like hailstorm damage, you and your family could suddenly find yourself without power, shelter, or any of the things you need to function throughout your daily life.

Your insurance settlement will likely be a huge factor in how quickly your life can get back to normal. Contact a KRW San Antonio wind damage lawyer from our law firm today, and get more information without risk or obligation.

About San Antonio TX

In 1691, a Franciscan Father named Damien Massanet christened San Antonio after the Native American Indian village, located at the southernmost edge of the Texas Hill Country in a pleasant wooded region of spring fed streams. He named the river and this this location after the Feast Day of Saint Anthony of Padova (who remains entombed in a magnificent Basilica in Padova, Italy). Spain established The Mission San Antonio de Valero, which later became known as The Alamo, in 1718. The missions’ endeavors were protected by the customary accompaniment pf the presidio, San Antonio de Bexar. These days, the county and the city names are derived from those Spanish beginnings during the 1700’s that predate founding of the United States by over 50 years.

Soon thereafter, many other Spanish missions followed. However, the real growth in the community occurred when Spain first attempted to colonize Texas, and established a villa. Spanish Canary Islanders were the original colonists, to whom many families in Texas can still proudly trace their roots. Up until the Texas Revolution, San Antonio remained the chief Spanish, and later became a Mexican stronghold in Texas.

German businessmen and builders were among many nationalities who were prominent, settlers during the 1800’s. These days San Antonio is artfully accented by its multicultural heritage.

Institutions of higher learning include The University of Texas at San Antonio, The University of Texas health Science Center at San Antonio, Saint Phillips College, Palo Alto College, San Antonio College, Wayward Baptist University, Trinity University, The National University of Mexico, Saint. Mary’s University, Our Lady of the Lake University, and the Incarnate Word College.

The people of San Antonio love their unequalled fiestas. San Antonio is also home to some of the best theaters and art museums in the state. The symphony orchestra rates with the best in the country.

Some of those popular events include the Starving Artists Show held at La Villita, next to the River Walk at Easter, The San Antonio Rodeo and Livestock Show held in the middle of February, The Texas Folklife Festival held in August, The Holiday River Festival held in December, and the Great Country River Festival held in September.

During the third and fourth weeks of April, the Fiesta San Antonio occurs. This is a major event that includes the wonderful series of Nights in Old San Antonio, fireworks, street dancing, balls, musical productions, fashion shows, the Fiesta Night Parade, the King’s River Parade, the Battle of Flowers Parade, concerts, band Festivals, the Pilgrimage to the Alamo, the coronation of King Antonio, and art exhibitions. The San Antonio Streetcars are an enjoyable and inexpensive way to get to many of the attractions in San Antonio.

In 1968, as part of the Hemis Fair the Henry Gonzales Convention Center was constructed and contains 241,000 square feet of a theater for the performing arts, an arena for entertainment and sporting events, an international conference center, meet rooms, banquet halls, and exhibit space. A man from Mexico named Juan O’Gorman designed the mural on the façade of the theater known as The Confluence of Civilizations. The usual means for convention delegates to travel between meetings and their riverside hotels is by river boat, with extension of San Antonio River that actually flows into the center of the center.

Alamo Museum is situated on the grounds that surround the Alamo. There are relics on view from the famous Battle of the Alamo, as well as other artifacts associated with the Republic Of Texas era and the early days of colonization.

Alamo Cenotaphs dominate the plaza in front of the Alamo. An eminent Sculptor, who was born in Italy, named Pompeo designed the monument. He adopted Texas as his home. Inscribed in marble are the names of those who died at the Alamo.

One of the best collections of animal horns in the world is located at the vintage Buckhorn Saloon, which was formerly the downtown area. These days, the old saloon’s famous mounted animal and horn collection is displayed in addition to a suburb aggregation of custom and antique firearms, a collection devoted to the famous marksman Ad Topperwein, a collection known as the Hall of Feathers and another one known as the Hall of Fins. The Hall of Texas History wax museum recounts Texas historical events from Teddy Roosevelt to Cabeza de Vaca. The house in which O. Henry lived when he published the newspaper in San Antonio called the Rolling Stone has also been preserved. The Buckhorn Museum and Saloon ix located at 318 East Houston St. and is open daily, between 9:30 A. M and 5 P. M.

The River Walk is a premier visitor experience in San Antonio and is located one level below the busy streets of downtown. This walk is edged by cabarets, shops, restaurants, cafes, hotels, and is accented by flowering shrubs and tropical foliage as it winds for several miles through midtown underneath giant palm and cypress trees.

The Botanical Gardens are 33 acres of natural areas, fountains, pools, and formal gardens that include a Children’s Garden, a Japanese Garden, a Garden for the Blind, Biblical Garden, Formal Gardens, the Endangered Species Project, that South Central Xeriscape, and the Native Texas Area. (All walkways will accommodate the disabled and handicapped.) In addition, there are many different Texas houses featured that have been reconstructed on this location to help interpret and illustrate the regional theme pf the native Texas area.

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