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  • You can be affected by Mesothelioma even if your exposure to asbestos was minimal
  • a Thibodaux Mesothelioma Attorney from Ketterman Rowland & Westlund can seek financial compensation
  • Your Thibodaux Mesothelioma Lawyer from KRW has the experience needed to handle these difficult cases
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Thibodaux Mesothelioma Lawyer

How a Thibodaux Mesothelioma Attorney Can Help You

A Mesothelioma diagnosis can be devastating. Exposure to asbestos can cause a variety of cancers, but Mesothelioma is arguably the most insidious. Our Thibodaux Asbestos Lawyers have handled numerous cases where this toxic substance has forever altered someone’s life, but Mesothelioma is especially troublesome because even low levels of exposure can cause the disease. If you or someone you love was diagnosed with Mesothelioma after exposure to asbestos at work or at home, we can help. If your concerned about exposure to asbestos, your Thibodaux Mesothelioma Lawyer will first recommend that you contact your primary physician for an x-ray referral.

Thibodaux Asbestos Attorney

What is Asbestos, and Who Can Be Affected By It?

Asbestos is a mineral used in a variety of construction materials used in Eunice, and has many other uses because of its fire-retardant and insulating properties. The danger lies in the microscopic fibers that can be inhaled, which damage the lungs and causes cancers, including Mesothelioma. These fibers can also attach themselves to clothing, which means you can be at risk for Mesothelioma even if you are not working directly with asbestos. If you are exposed to asbestos in your Thibodaux home or on the job, you may not develop Mesothelioma for many years. This underscores why it’s so important to speak with a Thibodaux Mesothelioma Attorney immediately if you’ve been diagnosed with this terrible disease.

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At Ketterman Rowland & Westlund, we take a compassionate approach to difficult Mesothelioma cases. Your Thibodaux Mesothelioma Attorney has the experience needed to seek financial compensation if you or someone you love developed Mesothelioma because of exposure to asbestos. Contact us today for a free Mesothelioma consultation in Eunice.

Walking downtown, you’d be surprised to see so much history in a bustling city that also serves as a college town. It’s exciting and nostalgic at the same time. Not every city can blend the new with the old like Thibodaux, Louisiana. Old buildings and churches stand where history was made and every resident knows that they’ve got something special in the Queen City of Lafourche.

Part of the University of Louisiana system of universities, the Nicholls State University makes Thibodaux one of the most exciting places in the state. There’s always some festival or activity going on throughout the year. The college’s colossal buildings loom over vibrant green fields and rows of colorful flowers. The university loves its sports and constantly hosts a variety of physical activities that invite everyone in Thibodaux to join in on the fun.

Not as full of nature parks as the Louisiana areas near the bayou, Thibodaux still offers lots of excitement and adventure along its paved roads. You’ll only need to walk a few blocks to find a good restaurant, boutique, or community centers. The Thibodaux parks and recreation area is just a few steps away from Nicholls State University. Surrounding the college are several basic education schools and government establishments. Everything is simply within reach because there are a lot of places to go to in this city.

Obviously the city values the education of the country’s young minds. It also values the importance of a great dining experience. After a day of shopping and going from store to store, finding a great restaurant with a similarly great view of Bayou Lafourche is icing on the cake. Bubba’s II Po-Boys & Seafood restaurant and Rotolo’s Pizzeria both offer good food and an unobstructed view of the serene bayou. On the other side of the bridge, you’ve got yourself a group of scattered food stops like Rox’s Bar, Rene’s Bar, Red Goose Saloon, Peppers Pizzaria, Cinclare, Weeping Willow Café, Spahr’s Seafood, Venetian Food and Spirits, and Foundry on the Bayou. After you’ve filled yourself with a hot meal and a good view, visit the Jean Lafitte Wetlands Acadian Cultural Center at the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve. Anyone who stays at a historical city should therefore learn about its past.

Thibodaux City is the parish seat of Lafourche Parish in Louisiana and it sits along the banks of the Bayou Lafourche and it is the major city of the Houma–Bayou Cane–Thibodaux Metropolitan Statistical Area. During the last census, the population was reported at a little more than 14,000 residents. It’s not as big as other cities, but it is one of the busiest and most booming, what with so many establishments being developed along its roads. The large number of schools and learning centers also contributed to the huge influx of residents over the years.

Like any Louisiana area, Thibodaux has a lot of plantations. During the 18th century, French colonists claimed the area and brought their African slaves to labor in the fields and plant sugar canes. Named Thibodauxville after local planter Henry Schuyler Thibodaux, it became a town in 1830. Henry Thibodaux provided land for the town and even served as governor of the state in the 1800s. The area, which had become a center of agricultural trade, was later renamed Thibodaux in 1918.

The place also witnessed several historical incidents. Several Confederate soldiers occupied the city. Before leaving, they burned everything they could get their hands on. Terrified residents fled the area when they heard that 3,000 soldiers were on their way to attack. The soldiers burned the bayou bridges, the sugar canes and collected sugar, and the depot. A Union army eventually got things under control and was able to demand the freedom of the slaves. Plantation owners who wanted labor had to forge new contracts and had to agree to pay wages.

Thibodaux was also the home of several artists. Buried in the city’s St. Joseph Cemetery is Richard D’Alton Williams, a 19th century Irish poet and physician. Blues musician Eddie “Guitar Slim” Jones often played in Thibodaux and was finally laid to rest in one of its memorial parks. Francis T. Nicholls, a governor of Louisiana, is buried in the Episcopal Cemetery on Jackson Street. The Nicholls State University was named after him and was even once originally called Francis T. Nicholls Junior College.

Aside from the university, Thibodaux City has several historical sites. In fact, there are 28 sites in Thibodaux listed under the National Register of Historic Places. One such place is the Charles C. Elkins Hall in the Nicholls States University. Others include the Acadia Plantation, which was converted into a housing district in 2010. Rienzi Plantation House, which was built when the Spanish colonists arrived, was supposedly named after a novel and Wagner opera of the same name. Rumor has it that it was built for the Queen of Spain, Maria Louisa. It is located on what is believed to have been the first Spanish Land grant of Henry Thibodaux.

Meanwhile, the Laurel Valley Sugar Plantation was once the largest producer of sugar in the parish. It was owned by Joseph Tucker from Virginia. Although it sustained a lot of damage during the years, it still remains the biggest surviving sugar plantation from the 18th to 19th century. In fact, it is still a working sugar cane farm and visitors can avail of a tour around the place. Anyone visiting Thibodaux will never want for anything more in this historical and animated city.

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