U.S. News Best Lawyers

U.S. News and Best Lawyers are two of the leading surveyors of law firms and lawyers around the globe. Together, they have combined to create the U.S. News Best Lawyers evaluations and ranking system.

Ketterman Rowland & Westlund is proud to be considered one of U.S. News Best Lawyers “Best Law Firms”. The firm is only considered for a “Best Law Firm” if they have at least one lawyer that is part of “Best Lawyers”. An intensive evaluation process is undergone. This process includes peer reviews from other attorneys, a collection of evaluations, and other collected information.

Some of the areas in which clients are requested to provide information include testimonials on KRW Injury Lawyers’ knowledge, expertise, timely responses, business understanding, and the chance of that client referring another individual to our firm.

In addition to Best Law Firms requesting the aforementioned information, clients had the option to suggest other law firms with which they have worked for other legal matters. However, comments concerning other law firms are simply used as reference, not as part of the official point system. The same evaluation information that is collected from clients is also collected from other lawyers and whether or not a lawyer from another firm considered Ketterman Rowland & Westlund a legitimate competitor. U.S. News Best Lawyers “Best Law Firms” also requested various demographic data as well as background information on each of our lawyers within the firm in order to show the strengths that each lawyer adds to the multiple practice areas at KRW.

All of the previous data, both quantitative and qualitative, was united in order to produce an overall score for each law firm, including KRW Injury Lawyers. Each law firm was compared at both a local and national level to other law firms. The nationally ranked law firms is based on the local scores, as well as the number of offices and the amount of activity for the metropolitan area.

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