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San Antonio Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

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San Antonio DUI Accident Attorney

Being in an auto accident is bad enough, but when it’s caused by the irresponsible and negligent actions of a drunk driver the situation is especially maddening. In an instant, a drunk driver can alter your life in incomprehensible ways, from damage to your vehicle to physical injuries that last a lifetime, and even the injury or death of a loved one or other passenger.

  • A drunk driving accident can irreparably alter your life in the blink of an eye.
  • Often, punitive damages are the only way to truly punish a drunk driver.
  • We will aggressively fight to make sure you are fairly compensated.

If you’ve been victimized by the reckless actions of a drunk driver, the law is designed to protect you and hold the guilty party accountable for their actions. Physical pain, the emotional upheaval of your life, and scars that may never heal are all common elements of DUI accidents. All of these factors must be considered before a fair settlement can be reached, so it makes good sense to have an experienced San Antonio Drunk Driving Accident Attorney aggressively fighting to protect your interests.

According to Texas law, not only can you pursue claims stemming from the negligence of a drunk driver, but you can also seek for punitive damages. When you are the victim of a DUI accident, criminal penalties for the offense often seem woefully lenient. Punitive damages are a means by which your DUI accident attorney can petition the court to punish the offender civilly, potentially increasing the overall settlement.

One thing is certain: you can’t deal with the intricacies of a DUI accident case without help from someone that fully understands Texas DUI law. If your life has been unjustly impacted by the selfish actions of a drunk driver, call us in San Antonio at (210) 490-4357 for a cost-free consultation without risk or obligation.

Our car accident lawyers will fight to ensure you are fairly compensated for medical bills, lost wages, physical pain, mental anguish, and property reimbursement, while seeking any applicable punitive damages relative to your case.

Drunk Driving in San Antonio – A Chronic Problem with Countless Victims

DUI accident statistics paint an ugly picture in our beautiful state. Every 29 minutes, someone is injured or killed in a DUI accident somewhere on a Texas roadway. That sobering number equates to 1,259 fatalities caused by negligent drunk drivers, making Texas the nation’s leader in auto accident fatalities involving the consumption of alcohol.

You can read those numbers over and over again and they will have little impact, unless you suddenly find yourself on the receiving end of a drunk driver’s selfish actions. It is then you realize that you are far more than a statistic, and that every single person affected by a drunk driver is a shattered life, fragmented family, or life cut far too short.

This is where your San Antonio DUI Accident Attorney comes into play. Not only will your attorney from Ketterman Rowland & Westlund aggressively fight for your just compensation, it may send the message of no-tolerance to guilty drunk drivers before they have the chance to hurt someone else.

San Antonio DUI Accident Attorney Texas Law Entitles You to Seek Compensation

Your DUI attorney can help you in a number of ways. Whether the driver was found guilty of a DUI, was high on drugs (both legal and illegal), or even texting on their smartphone, the law is written so that you can seek compensation for a variety of losses including:

  • Medical Bills
  • Damaged or Totaled Vehicle
  • Surgery
  • Physical Therapy

  • Scarring – Both External and Internal
  • Physical and Mental Anguish
  • Death

Make no mistake: A DUI accident in San Antonio can render life-altering consequences, many of which you may not fully realize until many years have passed. Physical and emotional scars can last a lifetime, and healing often means coping with pain that takes on a different hue as time passes. This is why it is so vital to thoroughly seek redress through the court in whatever way possible now, because once a settlement is reached it’s usually too late to seek any additional compensation.

Contact A San Antonio Drunk Driving Accident Attorney Today

Don’t waste another minute – contact a qualified and experienced San Antonio DUI Accident Attorney today at (210) 490-4357, or fill out our online form, and take your first step toward recovery. Now is the time to hold the drunk driver who caused your suffering accountable for their actions. We will help you by seeking the maximum penalties allowable for your pain and suffering.

Dealing with Insurance Companies after A San Antonio DUI Accident

If you’re the victim of a drunk motorist’s negligence, it’s likely insurance companies are going to be involved. This is especially true if the driver was employed by a commercial trucking company. A drunk driver displays negligence the second they get behind the wheel after reaching the point of intoxication, but insurance companies will do whatever they can to minimize claims and protect their own bottom line.

It’s common practice for insurance agents to seek a quick settlement with a victim after a drunk driving accident. Sometimes, they will even visit a victim in the hospital and offer a settlement. While this may seem like a compassionate approach at the time, the truth is that insurance companies know that a quick settlement will almost always minimize the total amount of the claim.

We urge you to speak with a San Antonio DUI Accident Attorney before entering into any agreement with an insurance or trucking company. Insurance companies have one responsibility, and that is to their shareholders. Ask yourself; if your health isn’t their top priority, can you really trust them to treat you fairly?

Your San Antonio Drunk Driving Accident Attorney Will Protect Your Interests

If the insurance companies relative to your case refuse to treat you fairly, your drunk driving lawyer will take steps to pursue whatever legal avenues are in your best interests, with your approval. Skillful litigation is sometimes necessary to negotiate a fair settlement, and at other times we have to take our case all the way to Texas Court.

It’s also important to understand the true nature of your injuries before entering into a settlement. One of the main reasons insurance companies seek to settle claims quickly is to prevent the injured party from finding out that their injuries are worse than they appear.

This is important, because even a seemingly minor injury caused in a drunk driving accident can become far more severe at a later date. Years down the road you may experience neck or back pain, arthritis, or even the inability to do the things you most enjoy. If you take the time to fully uncover the nature of your injuries immediately following the accident, your San Antonio DUI accident attorney can use that information to ensure you get the money needed to maintain quality health.

In cases where punitive damages may come into play, your Texas auto accident lawyer will fully develop your case and offer you reliable legal counsel when you need it most. None of our lawyers collect any fee unless we reach a settlement in your case.

Plus, your initial consultation is free. Don’t run the risk of being shortchanged by an insurance company who cares more about profit than your overall health. Your injuries are not your fault. They may have been caused by a negligent drunk driver.

Contact our law offices in San Antonio 24/7 to get your free consultation.

San Antonio is A Modern City with A Colorful Past

Today, San Antonio is a complex network of streets and highways where tens of thousands of drivers commute daily. While the vast majority of motorists are responsible, there are many that take unnecessary risks that put other driver’s lives at risk. Drunk drivers are at the top of this list, and with good reason.

If you were to step back in time to 1691, on the day that San Antonio got its name, you would find a place devoid of roads. There wouldn’t even be a building until 1718, and Europeans didn’t arrive and settle in the area until 1719. These early immigrants numbered 56 souls, and they would eventually make San Antonio the largest Spanish settlement in Texas.

One of the most famous events in the entire state of Texas happened in San Antonio at a Spanish mission called the Alamo. The Alamo was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015, and with good reason, as its story has been retold since that fateful winter in 1836.

In that year, the defenders of the Alamo were besieged by Santa Anna’s brutal army. Every last man died defending the Alamo, but the Texian army would use this defeat to create the rallying cry, “Remember the Alamo!”

Six weeks later, Santa Anna’s army was defeated by the Texian Army in the Battle of San Jacinto. In 1845, the Mexican – American War began, and San Antonio would be reshaped yet again as the violence and bloodshed of war ravaged the city.

San Antonio Grows into the Modern Era

At the conclusion of the Mexican American War, San Antonio was populated by only 800 people, as more than two thirds of its population had become casualties of war. It didn’t take long for the population to rebound, and by 1960 San Antonio was a bustling community of 15,000.

When the first railroad into San Antonio was completed in 1877, the city experienced a period of steady growth that lasted the remainder of the 19th Century and throughout the 20th Century. By the year 2000, San Antonio was the fastest growing city in the entire United States, and remained so for the entire decade.

When you walk along San Antonio’s River Walk today, you can let your imagination wander to those early days when the Lone Star State truly earned its moniker. Modern day San Antonio has numerous attractions, parks, and historical landmarks that make it one of the most vibrant cities in all of the US.

The Spanish Missions, including The Alamo, are some of the most visited attractions. Six Flags Fiesta Texas and SeaWorld offer family entertainment for residents of San Antonio and visitors alike. The San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo is another popular event that harkens back to the days when cowboys roamed free on the range.

If there is downside to progress it’s that some people take our way of life for granted, and act in a manner that shows careless disregard for their neighbors. Our San Antonio drunk driving accident attorneys are available to help you ensure that you get treated fairly after becoming their victim. Contact our law office in Texas for your own free consultation.