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Why do I need to file a car accident report?

Filing a car accident report is important so there is an official record of what happened. Often times in accidents, even minor ones, emotions, and stress levels can be high. This can cause people to forget key aspects of the events later or have a different recollection of who/what caused the accident.  Critical details of a crash report are 

  • A narrative of what occurred leading up to the accident
  • outlining the detailed description of injuries of the parties involved
  • Details of the damage to the vehicles as well as collecting any evidence 
  • Noting roadway, traffic conditions, visibility and other aspects that could have contributed to the crash
  • Ensuring accurate identification of everyone involved 

What's the process to getting a copy of my report?

Submit your information to the form or give us a call and we pull your crash report from various police departments and county records. We do the leg work and can sometimes send you a report immediately depending on availability. 

What Should I do after get my accident report?

After an accident, you should seek medical attention right away. These details will also be mentioned in your car accident report so it’s important to let the emergency dispatchers know what happened and if you need medical care. If you’ve been hurt you should contact an attorney and not try to negotiate with the insurance companies alone. 


We compile data from a network of government, non-government, and auto industry sources to get you all the information on your car accident report.