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Personal Injury Lawyers

Our Personal Injury attorneys help you prevent loss of income,
insurance pressures to settle, and loss of work and wages.

At KRW Lawyers, we understand personal injuries from a severe vehicle or work accident can ignite overwhelming confusion and pressure. Any type of accident that leaves you physically and emotionally injured, facing medical bills and insurance difficulties is a reason to seek help in receiving compensation. At KRW Lawyers, you can count on our experienced legal team to fight to resolve your personal injury claim.

What Is A Personal Injury?

Personal injury is one that you likely wouldn’t have suffered if another person had been careful to avoid hurting you. Some of the most common types of personal injury claims we see are automotive accidents, negligence, and premise liability.

Oil Rig Accident

While an oil rig can be a hazardous workplace, oil field accidents often happen due to another’s negligence. Burns, falls and other serious injuries that occur are frequently avoidable.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents

The costs of bicycle injuries and deaths from crashes typically exceed $24 billion in the U.S. every year. We investigate cases and fight for cyclists involved in accidents from vehicles making a right turn on a red light and hitting a cyclist, striking a cyclist while backing out of a parking space and other scenarios.

Paid Events & Public Gatherings

If you are injured at a venue, you need to show that the defendant had a right to protect your safety and that right was breached. Also, you will need to show that their breach of duty directly caused your injury.


Bullying is abuse and mistreatment of a vulnerable person by someone who is stronger or more powerful, or using intimidation to dominate another individual. Actions involved in bullying may include threats, coercion, use of force, aggressive behavior and actual physical abuse. 

Slip and Fall Accidents

Some common causes of slip and fall accidents are slick floors and uneven surfaces, poor lighting, and lax maintenance to ensure premises are safe. KRW Lawyers assists with injury evaluation, accident investigation, loss calculation, settlement negotiation and court representation, if needed.

Burn Injuries

Serious burns happen more easily than you may think and can damage the skin, organs, bone and muscle. Common burn injuries include flash burns, flame burns, scald burns, chemical burns, electrical burns and burns caused by radiation.

Work Accidents

A workplace accident is an unexpected occurrence that leads to physical or mental injury while working on the business premises or off-site. Our workplace injury attorneys are also experienced in representing employees when workers’ compensation doesn’t provide adequate compensation or is not available.

Dog Attack and Dog Bites

Dogs, while beloved pets, can sometimes inflict serious and lasting injuries, including emotional scars. KRW Lawyers help determine who is responsible in a dog bite lawsuit or assist with any hesitancy you may have about pursuing a personal injury claim for dog bite injuries.

Wrongful Death

To lose a loved one due to someone’s carelessness is tragic. Struggling to deal with the pain and loss can make it difficult to take action against someone’s reckless or negligent action. Let us take the lead in seeking justice while you concentrate on moving forward.