McAllen Car Accident Lawyer

McAllen Car Accident Lawyer

  • Were you injured in a McAllen car accident because of another driver’s negligence?
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If you’ve suffered a car accident in McAllen, then you are acutely aware of how quickly your entire life can change. You’ve suffered bodily injury, possible scarring, and you may be faced with missed work, medical bills, weeks of therapy, and years of unwanted pain and trauma.

If you’re a victim of a car accident, whether you were driving, riding a bike, or walking, a McAllen Car Accident Lawyer can help ensure that your health and financial solvency are protected. Just some of the questions you may ask after a McAllen car accident include:

  • Will my medical bills be covered by my insurance company?
  • How will I recover lost wages?
  • Am I entitled to any compensation for scars and injuries suffered in my car accident?

Answering these questions is only possible by revealing the details of your car accident with a qualified McAllen lawyer. It’s also important to consider how your car accident injury may affect your health and appearance in the future, and this is where experience truly matters.

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About McAllen TX

McAllen is a community that is located in a region named the Rio Grande Valley located on the southern border of Texas. The community is also situated next to US Route 83 that connects West Texas and the Rio Grande Valley, and only approximately five miles from the Mexican border. The other major highways that service the community include Texas State Highway 17, and US Route 281. The Miller International Airport provides that provides frequent daily flights to the major hubs in Mexico City, Dallas, and Houston and provide regional air transportation service.

During the late 1800’s the Rio Grande Valley was settled by a developer named John McAllen, who, in 1904, established a new community called West McAllen. It wasn’t long before other developers established another community close by that named East McAllen. In 1911, eventually, the two groups and the City of McAllen was incorporated. During the next several hundreds of years, McAllen enjoyed steady growth and an increase in manufacturing and the industrial trade that was the result of the activation of the FTZ (Free trade Zone) by the 1970’s. During the 1990’s, the passing of NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement) enhanced the impact of the FTZ, which resulted in the creation of numerous new jobs in Reynosa, Mexico as well as in the US alike. During the past 30 years, McAllen has transformed into the regional Valley leader in government and commerce and has become home to many different national businesses.

Located in McAllen is an outstanding art and science known as the International Museum of Art and Science. In the Earth Science Gallery offers visitors an exhibition of a working meteorological display as well as a display of Dinosaur tracks, while in the North Gallery, Mexican arts and crafts are displayed. A large collection artifacts and exhibits that cover the history of South Texas that include farming, ranching, The Museum of South Texas History contains a large collection of exhibits and artifacts covering South Texas history including early farming, ranching, the era of the Steamboat on the Rio Grande River, the Mexican War, and the Spanish exploration and colonization. The McAllen Wing of the World Birding Center known as the Quinta Mazatlan that has a mission of preserving the native animals and plants of the Rio Grande Valley as well as 1930’s adobe estate will be appreciated by nature lovers.

Established in 1946, the home of many animals, waterfowl, and bird that are native to the valley is the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge. Before the area became heavily developed, this 2,000 acre wildlife preserve recalls life as it was in the area during the early 1900’s. Featuring some 500 acres of land that is perfect for hiking, camping, and picnicking, is another outdoor venue known as the Bentsen Rio Grande State Park.

In the Rio Grande Valley, there three regional teams that make up the professional sports teams. These three teams include the Rio Grande Valley Dorados, is a professional arena football team, the Rio Grande Killer Bees, which is a professional ice hockey team based in Hidalgo and is part of the Central Hock League, and the Edinburg Coyotes, based in nearby Edinburg, and is an independent minor league baseball team which competes in the United League.

The McAllen region is dominated by commerce that is related to the port of entry at Reynosa into Mexico, border zone factories, and local agriculture. The region has a low cost of living, a high growth, and a dominate Hispanic heritage, much the same as other border communities. McAllen is known locally as the Valley that is located in the middle of a flat, broad agricultural region that, interspersed with expanding suburbs and other small communities, has many different citrus and vegetable growing crops. The home of the University of Texas Pan American Campus, which is the largest higher education facility in South Texas, is the community of Edinburg, which is located five miles to the north and a more middle class community. There is an agriculture center to the west known as the Mission that has a reputation for being quieter than the border communities of Laredo and Brownsville.

There is a strong retail presence in the region, which serves many needs, such as shopping of wealthy Mexican residents from northern Mexico as far south as Monterrey. Mexicans run several new businesses. There is a tourist trade in the region, especially with the winter migrants who are heading south. However, there are poor residential regions and high unemployment rates in the community as the result of the fact that there are less jobs than there are workers, although the agriculture and manufacturing economy are healthy. The recreational and cultural are focused locally and are minor.

McAllen is a community that is a great place to live, work and play and also a great place to raise a family as the future looks bright ahead.

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