Car Accidents Are About More Than Just Money

Serious car accidents can lead to massive changes in the lives of the people who suffer through them. Depending on the nature of the accident, victims of negligent drivers may have to deal with emotional and physical scars for years to come. These injuries not only affect the person injured in the accident, but his or her family as well. While it is no surprise that a car accident can lead to significant bills, the truth is that the costs of such accidents go well beyond money. Below are a few of the examples of both the financial and emotional tolls car accidents take on Texas families.

Medical Bills and Therapy

Medical bills are one of the biggest financial concerns victims have after a car accident. The cost of medical treatment and therapy will vary widely depending on the nature of the injuries sustained and the treatment sought. How long the bills remain outstanding will vary depending on whether the injured individual has health insurance, whether the injured motorist’s insurer provides coverage to pay for the medical billing, as well as the cooperation of the at-fault driver and his or her insurer in paying the bills. While insurance will typically cover medical bills, many people nonetheless find that they end up paying for those bills out of their own pocket. Also, insurance claims can take a long time to process yet victims of car accidents likely are not in a position to wait until an insurer approves their claim to start seeking medical attention. Therefore help is needed so that medical attention can be sought in the first place. Once a claim is approved then most people will be reimbursed for the bills. However, the process itself is time consuming and stressful. For these reasons it pays to have an attorney who can assist with the claims process so that medical treatment can be sought and the medical bills will be paid in a timely fashion.

Lost Wages

If an injury is serious enough that the victim has to take time off work, then the stress of the accident is only compounded by the stress associated with the wages lost. Insurance should cover lost wages, but victims of a car accident should not immediately assume that the insurer will be forthcoming in approving the claim for lost income. It is not uncommon for insurers to delay or deny payment by arguing that an injured claimant is able to work, has taken too much time off work, or is somehow is trying to evade going back to work. For injured workers, this attitude adopted by insurers can feel downright insulting and humiliating. In more serious cases, an injured motorist may never be able to return to work, yet many insurers will try to claim that the claimant is exaggerating the extent of his injuries or is capable of performing some other job. To make sure that the claim for lost wages are paid, injured motorists should rely on the services of a Personal Injury Lawyer who can help.

Family Toll

Finally, it is important not to overlook the very real emotional and deep economic toll a serious car accident can take on the families of those who are injured. Depending on the extent of the injuries, for example, a parent who is involved in a car accident may no longer be able to raise his or her children. Also, the spouses of injured motorists may themselves have to take time off work to care for their spouse. Alternatively, the spouse may have to look for a second job to help make up for the shortfall when an injured spouse is no longer able to work. In all of these situations, the physical pain suffered by the injured motorist translates into significant emotional pain and economic hardships suffered by his or her children, spouse, and loved ones.

The above provides just a few examples of the consequences associated with car accidents. The fact is that every accident is unique and every injured motorist’s needs and expectations are equally unique. What is always true, however, is that people who have been injured by an at-fault driver should not have to suffer more than is necessary for the other driver’s negligence. With the assistance of an experienced Personal Injury Attorney, anybody who has been injured by a negligent driver will have a much better chance of receiving maximum compensation for their injuries. An attorney can provide a proactive solution to receiving compensation faster instead of simply waiting for the big insurance companies to act on a much needed claim.

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