Police Officer Recovering After Shootout



The San Antonio Police Department is mourning the loss of a fallen officer while his partner is recovering from a gunshot wound. According to KSAT12, two San Antonio police officers were on patrol that soon turned into a shootout, killing Officer Miguel Moreno Thursday. His partner, Officer Julio Cavazos, is still recovering from the gunshot wound he sustained.

The two officers were on a directed patrol investigating car burglaries last Thursday in the 200 block of West Evergreen Street, just north of downtown San Antonio. They saw two men walking in the area, and as they got out of their patrol vehicle and approached the two men, 34-year-old Andrew Bice shot both officers. Bice ended up killing Moreno, a nine-year veteran and wounding Cavazos in the chin.

Cavazos managed to pull Moreno out of the line of fire, despite being wounded, and shoot back at Bice. Bice was hit once in the buttocks. He was later confirmed dead by the medical examiner and ruled as a suicide. The second suspect, 30-year-old William Lawson, was apprehended, but later released only to be re-arrested on unrelated warrants.

The officers were transported to San Antonio Military Medical Center where it was learned Moreno, 32, died at 11:11 a.m. Friday.

Uplifting News

On Monday, SAMMC said Cavazos was in “good” as he recovers from the gunshot wound he received. A police spokesman said Cavazos has a long recovery ahead of him. SAPD Chief William McManus said Cavazos and Moreno were both assigned to Central Substation and working Central Patrol B Shift and both officers have served the Police Department since 2008.

The San Antonio community came together and collected gifts and held a toy drive for Officer Cavazos’ daughter who celebrated her 6th birthday, one day after the shooting. The Police Department said it has “no doubts that all the love and well wishes helped him (Cavazos) in his recovery” and was “humbled but not surprised” by the amount of support they received at the Central Substation.

Crime Statistics

Crime Facts at a Glance 2014 According to the Texas Department of Public Safety:

  • There were 913,403 index crime offenses reported with a 20.3 percent clearance rate for Texas in 2014.  
  • The crime rate for the State of Texas was 3,392.2 index offenses for every 100,000 inhabitants.  
  • During 2014, Texas law enforcement officers made 878,686 arrests. Of those arrested, 6.6 percent were 16 years of age and under.  
  • Firearms were used in 63.3 percent of all murders reported.  
  • There were 65,338 aggravated assaults reported. Of these, 21.3 percent were committed by the use of hands, fists, and feet; 21.4 percent involved a knife or cutting instrument, and 24.2 percent involved a firearm.   
  • 185,817 family violence incidents during 2014. There were 201,051 victims and 195,511 offenders.  
  • There were 18,756 sexual assault incidents reported with 19,834 victims and 19,821 offenders.

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