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Prank Caller Not Laughing Anymore

Prank Caller in Deep Trouble

On July 10, 2017, KWTX reported that the Officers responding to a call of a man hit by a car ended up arresting the man who said he was struck. They discovered the man was a prank caller and he had an outstanding warrant. This happened on the outskirts of Killeen at FM 2484 and Live Oak Cemetery Road.

The Bell County Sheriff’s Department, Southwest Bell County Volunteer Fire Department, Killeen EMS and DPS all responded to the scene. When they arrived, they found a man who was claiming he was hit by a car. A DPS Trooper says the man started to change up his story, later saying he was thrown from the car. The trooper then found out he had an outstanding warrant and was on parole. It is unclear whether he was actually injured, but a News10 crew on the scene says the ambulance never received anyone for treatment or took anyone to the hospital. He was arrested and taken to the Bell County Jail.

This is very irresponsible of the person who called in saying he was hit by a car. This prank caller took the valuable time of first responders who wasted their resources on an individual who called for some unknown reason. Why the person made the fake call is unknown. Regardless it is irresponsible and causes more damage than people understand. It is a crime to falsely call emergency services, and for good reason.

2015 Pedestrian Fatalities

According to the National Center for Statistics and Analysis

  • Pedestrian fatalities increased by 466, a 9.5 percent increase.
  • The 2015 pedestrian fatality count (5,376) is the highest number since 1996.
  • Pedal cyclist fatality count (818) is the highest number since 1995.
  • The number of people injured increased by 19=05,00, a statistically significant 4.5 percent increase.
  • The number of passenger vehicle occupants injured increased 107,000, a 5.2 percent increase.
  • Pedestrians injured increased by 5,000, a 7.7 percent increase.
  • Fatalities of pedestrians increased by 466 (a 9.5 percent increase), and are at their highest number since 1996.
  • Pedal cyclist fatalities increased by 89 (a 12.2 percent increase), and are at their highest level since 1995.

San Antonio Personal Injury Attorney

It is not clear why this person called emergency services and made up the story he did. This act is disgusting as it wasted the time of emergency services when many people are hit and injured or killed in real life. Many people are seriously hurt every year. Cries of wolf do nothing but bog the system down needlessly, especially when someone may indeed need help. If you have suffered an injury or lost a loved one, due to being struck by a car, please give our offices a call.