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Storm Damage

Storm damage can destroy your home, ruin your beloved possessions, and turn your life upside down. This is particularly true when you’re dealing with an insurance company that is more concerned with their bottom line than with helping you after a disaster.

If your home or your possessions have sustained storm damage and you do not believe you are getting the compensation your insurance policy calls for, speak with an experienced storm damage attorney about your rights and legal options.

At KRW, we live and work in Texas, so we know how devastating Texas storms can be. We’ve helped clients across the state make sure that large and small insurance companies honor their commitment to their policyholders. Our work for our clients has been recognized by America’s Top 100 Lawyers, National Trial Lawyers, Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, and leading groups such as BestLawyers. In every storm damage case, we listen to our clients and fight tirelessly for the money they need and deserve.

The storm damage lawyers at KRW are ready to act as your legal voice. We understand your frustrations, and we have the necessary knowledge to actively and effectively help you acquire the proper compensation to repair your home or business.

When storm damage has harmed your home and your life, speak with us about your options. For a free case evaluation, call us today or use our online form to get in touch.

Storm Damage

How an Attorney Can Help with Your Storm Damage Claim

Living in Texas, residents are no strangers to damage caused by storms. In the last 15 years, we have experienced some of history’s worst hurricanes and floods. When a storm hits, it is often followed by immense property damage, and relying on your insurance to pick up the pieces can sometimes prove to be challenging.

After your property has suffered storm damage, speak with an experienced storm damage attorney about your claim. Storm damage claims can be complex, and insurance companies may try to deny you the coverage that you deserve. An attorney can build your claim, support your case with evidence, and calculate how much compensation you rightly deserve from the insurers. An attorney can also be your voice during any negotiations or litigation that takes place.

When your property has suffered storm damage, don’t leave your recovery and compensation up to an insurance company. Get legal help from professionals who know how to take on insurers and win.

Types of Storm Damage

Storms can cause significant damage to your home and property, including:

  • Roof damage. Roof damage is one of the most common problems that homeowners encounter when a storm hits. With high winds, extensive rain, and debris, roof damage is a serious threat. Having a leaky roof, or one with holes, can attract further damage. Storms can blow off shingles, tiles, and even take a roof off completely, letting water and wind wreak havoc inside your home.
  • Electrical line damage. Many homes in suburban areas have electrical lines nearby. If an electrical line happens to cause any destruction to you or your home, it is important to know your rights as a homeowner. The city in which you reside is responsible for those damages, and it is unacceptable when the city writes off your requests for repairs and compensation.
  • Hail damage. Hail is another unforeseen event that occurs with strong storms, and it can cause significant damage to your property. In Texas, many people have experienced the severity and danger of a hailstorm firsthand. Hail can easily break windows, dent vehicles, and cause serious damage to your property and your home.
  • Wind damage. When tornadoes, hurricanes, severe thunderstorms, and other serious storms hit, even the best preparations may be no match for the ferocious winds. High winds and flying objects can easily damage or destroy your home. They may shatter your windows, force water into your home, and cause significant damage to every part of it.
  • Water damage. Many parts of Texas are known for flash floods and sudden, torrential downpours. This damage can rise many feet over the course of just a few minutes, and even with the best drainage, a home can still end up flooded through no fault of the builders or the owners. If your home has been damaged by water, there may be compensation available for your losses.

These and many other types of damage may occur during a storm. If you’ve suffered losses due to storm damage, speak with a storm damage attorney at KRW about your case. We can listen to you, discuss your options for compensation, and help you take the steps you need toward recovery.

What You Need to Know About Dealing with Insurance Companies

Storm Damage

It is an unfortunate truth that storm damage insurance policies can leave you without the proper compensation to repair the destruction that a storm can leave behind. Trying to find a solution to receive the financial support you are entitled to can be more difficult than many people anticipate.

It often seems like the insurance policy is filled with loopholes to keep you from receiving proper compensation. Insurance companies usually draft policies that are for their benefit and hide key details in pages upon pages of confusing language. Many homeowners don’t realize how disadvantaged they are until they try to file a claim.

Insurance companies also use professional adjusters to decide whether you get coverage for your claim. When you’re pursuing a storm damage claim, it’s essential to understand that adjusters and other investigators are looking out for the interests of their employers, not you. Many adjusters and insurance companies will do everything they can to deny a claim so that they don’t have to pay a dime.

If your property has suffered storm damage, speak with our storm damage lawyers about your claim. The storm damage attorneys at KRW know what goes into building a strong claim, and know how insurance companies operate when it’s time to resolve a storm damage claim. Our attorneys can represent you with skill and integrity to help you get the compensation you deserve.

What to Do If Your Home Is Damaged in a Storm

When your home has suffered storm damage, your health and the health of your family are the top priorities. Seek medical care and shelter when needed, and only return to your home when it is safe to do so.

Once you’ve returned, the following tips can help you protect your claim and your home:

  • Take photos and make notes about the damage to your property. Photos, videos, and detailed written notes about the damage can be essential to your case later on. Don’t be afraid to take too many pictures, as it’s better to have too many than not enough.
  • Notify your insurer about your situation and let them know the damage that occurred. Stay calm and remain courteous, even if the situation is frustrating. Remember that if an insurance company or other party wants to fight your claim, they may use your statements against you.
  • Keep copies of communications, records of conversations, or other documentation that you receive from the insurance company. After a storm, an insurance company may be dealing with many claims across a wide area and during these times it’s easy for insurers to make mistakes regarding coverage. Help move your claim forward by keeping records on any interactions with the insurer.
  • Retain any records for repairs or emergency work that you need to do on your house. When you’re pursuing a storm damage claim, these records will be an important part of your claim.
  • Don’t discuss the damage on social media or post pictures about it. When you post items to social media, they are often considered public knowledge. This means that adjusters and others can find your statements online and use them against you, even if your statements were incomplete, out of context, or you later find them to be inaccurate or incorrect.
  • Speak with a storm damage attorney about your options. After a storm, you have plenty to take care of and plenty of people to look out for. Let an attorney look out for you and the recovery you deserve. An attorney can review your insurance policies, help you make informed decisions, and fight for the compensation you deserve.

Experienced Storm Damage Attorneys Serving the People of Texas

At KRW, our dedicated storm damage attorneys live and work in Texas, so we understand how serious storm damage can be. Whether you’re dealing with damage after a hurricane, tornado, flood, or any other storm, we’re here to help. We can review your policies, advise you on your options, and help you take the right steps from the start.

If you have questions about your storm damage claim, schedule a free case evaluation with us today. Call us or use our online form to get in touch.