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Hit and Run Accident Attorney

Leaving the scene of a San Antonio accident without notifying authorities or completing the proper procedures is a serious offense. In the state of Texas, it is just as serious as intoxication manslaughter. When there is an accident in which a driver leaves the scene, emergency responders typically aren’t notified as quickly. Because of this, there is a greater possibility of injuries becoming more serious, even leading to death. It is always important to contact our San Antonio car accident lawyers as soon as you are physically able to do so.

Reasons for Hit and Run in San Antonio

There are many reasons why an at-fault driver would want to leave the scene of an accident. In some instances, the motorist is wanted by the police, often for just a petty offense. Failing to legally insure and register a vehicle also seems to be enough of a reason for a driver to want to flee before authorities have arrived on the scene. Often, a driver will be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, creating an urgency to escape more significant charges.

If you have been the victim of a hit and run accident, you will want to carefully document the incident, just as any other accident. While there are some details you will not be able to provide due to the other driver fleeing the scene, there is some information you will want to gather if at all possible.

What to do after a hit and run accident

For starters, try to remember as much of the other driver’s license plate number as possible. While remembering an entire plate number may be difficult, make an attempt to at least memorize the first three or four numbers or letters. You will also want to remember as many details about the other car as you can. Where there any bumper stickers or unusual characteristics of the vehicle?

What was the make and model and do you have a guess of the year the car was manufactured? Which direction did the vehicle go when they were fleeing the scene and could see how far they traveled before making a turn? Are there any witnesses at the scene who may have gotten a better view of the vehicle in question than you?

There is no reason for you to make an attempt to follow the fleeing vehicle. This could lead to another accident, creating, even more, damage than has already happened. It would not only put yourself at risk, you would also be jeopardizing the general public who are on the streets. Furthermore, if an individual is willing to break the law and flee the scene of an accident, you have no idea of what it is they are running from or what they’re willing to do to make sure they get away. This makes it possible for a simple accident to turn violent.

Notify the policy and your insurance company right away

Probably most important, if you’re involved in a hit and run accident, don’t wait until you arrive home to call the police or expect the officer at the scene to call your insurance company for you. Immediately call the authorities after a hit and run incident. This provides the police with a greater chance of catching the driver who has broken the law. As soon as emergency responders have completed their procedures, your next step is calling your insurance provider with all of the details and information you have regarding the accident. It will also be in your best interest to contact an attorney to assist in the legal action that is going to take place.