Being involved in an injury accident has the ability to change nearly everything about your life. One accident can leave you unable to be as active as you once were. It can limit your options when it comes to earning an income, if you’re still able to work at all. Not only is suffering the injury horrific enough, the process of learning how to return to a normal life can be more than anyone should have to experience.

With everything that comes with an injury; medication, doctor visits, and physical therapy, protecting your rights can easily be pushed to the back of your mind. While that is completely understandable, there are a few steps you can take which will save you both time and effort if the decision is made to sue the person at fault for your injuries.

This purpose of this information is to inform you of what steps should be taken as soon as possible following an injury. We will discuss obtaining a police report, what you should be expecting the first time you meet with an attorney and evidence you will want to collect from the incident.

Obtaining a Police Report

If San Antonio law enforcement responded to the incident causing your injury, typically a vehicle accident, a report is usually filed by one of the officers at the scene. Under most circumstances, you have a right to receive a copy of the report that has been filed. This document will be beneficial to your attorney when it comes to settling your case. Because of this, you will want to take the action required to receive your copy. This may involve a trip to the Police Department. In some instances, a fee may even be required in order to receive a copy.

While the document itself more than likely will not be admissible in a court proceeding, it can be a huge advantage while attempting to negotiate the dispute outside of court. The facts and conclusions from the report can be used while discussing the incident with the other party, providing an advantage while negotiating.

Preserving Evidence

When most people hear the term “evidence” in a personal injury case, they right away think of pictures taken from the scene. While a picture is worth a thousand words, they don’t necessarily provide information concerning the injury that has been suffered.

Because of this, you will want to take as many notes in a journal as possible. Write down details of the injury and the effect it is having in your life on a particular day. Write about the side effects you’re experiencing from any medication and problems you may be having getting to and from doctors appointments. Don’t be afraid to have a doctor or medical professional write a few notes in your journal as well. Make sure every entry includes a date and time, and the name, position, and contact information of anyone else who writes an entry.

Meeting your Personal Injury Attorney

During your first visit with the KRW San Antonio Accident attorney you’ve retained, expect to be asked several questions. After doctors visits and time on the phone with insurance providers, many of these questions may seem like they’ve already been asked a hundred times. That being said, it’s vital to provide your attorney with as many details as possible concerning both the incident and the injury.

Make sure you provide information concerning all of your medical appointments and any medication you’ve been prescribed. You will want to provide documentation concerning the wages you have lost and how long you’re expecting to be unable to work. It is also a good idea to bring the journal along with you so your attorney can make copies of your entries. You will also want to provide as many pictures of the scene as possible as well as contact information for anyone who provided a statement or witnessed the accident.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of everything you will need to do following a serious injury. However, by following through with these three simple steps, you will be preparing yourself for a better outcome and hopefully a speedy recovery.