Officer Recovering from Elbow to Face

According to MySA, a San Antonio police officer was elbowed in the face Wednesday by a man who was trying to flee on a bicycle. The officer and at least one other officer responded to a call for a fight around 2:40 a.m. When they arrived, employees pointed out the group causing problems. When 27-year-old Aranda attempted to flee on a bicycle, the officer grabbed him to detain him, and he ended up elbowing the officer in the face causing a laceration. Officers arrested him on charges of assaulting a public servant and evading arrest. Paramedics took the officer to a nearby hospital for treatment. Aranda suffered minor injuries and received medical treatment.

Police Have Tough Jobs

People don’t sign up to be a police officer thinking that they will have a nice cushy job. The job requires a certain toughness, and they know they will always be in harm’s way. This story is just one example of what these heroic men and women put themselves into, aware they may end up more injured than anyone else in a fight. Thankfully, for a lot of people, not all jobs are as dangerous as police work. However, there is still the chance to get hurt at work no matter how safe it might seem.

On the Jоb Aссіdеnt Stаtіѕtісѕ

The following іnfоrmаtіоn іѕ рrоvіdеd bу (OSHA):

  • On аvеrаgе, mоrе thаn 92 workers аrе kіllеd every wееk, оr 13 dеаthѕ реr dау.
  • Worker dеаthѕ іn America аrе down оn аvеrаgе, from аbоut 39 wоrkеr dеаthѕ per day іn 1970 tо 13 a dау іn 2014.
  • 4,821 wоrkеrѕ died on the jоb іn 2014.
  • Onе іn five worker dеаthѕ іn 2014 wеrе іn the соnѕtruсtіоn іnduѕtrу.
  • Fаtаl falls accounted fоr 359 соnѕtruсtіоn worker fаtаlіtіеѕ in 2014. The “Fаtаl Four” lеаdіng causes of рrіvаtе sector wоrkеr dеаthѕ аrе:
  1. Fаllѕ – 359 оut оf 899 tоtаl dеаthѕ іn соnѕtruсtіоn in 2014 (39.9%)
  2. Elесtrосutіоnѕ – 74 (8.2%)
  3. Struсk bу Object – 73 (8.1%)
  4. Cаught-іn/bеtwееn – 39 (4.3%)

San Antonio Work-Related Injury Attorneys

Not only police get hurt while they are working. Anyone can slip and fall, or get caught under a falling bookshelf. Workers are always capable of getting hurt on the job. If you find that you or someone you love has been hurt in this way, you might need an attorney in your corner. Give us a call and let us see if we can help you. We can listen to your side of the story in a free case evaluation. This discussion will help us to better understand your situation and let us see how we may be able to help you move forward with your potential case.