Dallas Police Officers T-boned at Intersection


According to NBC5, two Dallas police officers were sent to the hospital after a crash Sunday morning. The police cruiser the officers were in was T-boned at the intersection of Forest Lane and Audelia Road. Both officers were taken to Presbyterian Hospital, a sergeant on the scene told NBC 5 they are going to be OK. The man driving the car that hit the officers was taken to the hospital as well. Dallas police are still investigating the crash.

Accidents Happen

The last person you would want to strike in a crash would be a police officer, and that is what this person did. There are very few details about the accident. We cannot be quick to pass judgment. It could be possible that the officers were rushing to a dispatch, and sped through an intersection where they did not have the right of way. If this is the case, then the person that hit them may be the victim. If, however, the civilian is responsible for the accident, then he not only caused an accident, but he also put two people in danger who are sworn to serve and protect us from criminals. In a case like this there is only one answer, someone did not yield the right of way, and it resulted in an accident. Situations like this are all too familiar, people who disregard stop signs put themselves and others in danger. This type of behavior on our roads is just not acceptable.

Let’s not forget that this incident happened while the officers were working. If you are on the clock and you are hurt when you are driving, the injury could be considered work-related. No matter what causes the harm, you may be in for a long road to recovery. This path could get bumpy from time to time, and so you might want to speak to a lawyer about your injuries. An experienced lawyer may help make your road to recovery a bit smoother.


Auto Accident Statistics

According to the  Texas Motor Vehicle Traffic Crash Facts 2015:


  • Primarily based on reportable crashes in 2015, one person was killed every 2 hours, 29 minutes. Additionally, one person was injured every 2 minutes 8 seconds, and one reportable crash occurred every 61 seconds.
  • There were 581 people killed in head-on crashes in 2015.
  • Of all persons killed in vehicles where restraint usage was applicable, and usage was known in 2015, 40.3% were reported as not restrained when the fatal crash occurred.
  • 246,335 people were injured in motor vehicle traffic crashes in 2015.
  • The fatality rate on Texas roadways for 2015 was 1.43% deaths per hundred million vehicle miles traveled. This is a 2.05% decrease from 2014.
  • Also, Texas experienced a decrease in the number f motor vehicle traffic fatalities. The 2015 death toll of 3,531 was a decrease of 0.14% from the 3,536 deaths recorded in 2014.
  • There were 13,616 serious injury crashes in Texas in 2015 that resulted in over 17,000 people sustaining a serious injury.
  • Fatalities involved in traffic crashes in rural areas of the state accounted for 54.52% of the state’s traffic fatalities. There were 1,925 deaths in rural traffic crashes.
  • Ultimately, single vehicle, run-off the road crashes resulted in 1,255 deaths in 2015. This was 35.54% of all motor vehicle traffic deaths in 2015.


San Antonio Car Accident Attorney

Stop signs and traffic signals are in place for our protection, yet many people disregard stop signs. The result can be very traumatic for innocent people. These two officers were t-boned and were sent to the hospital because tow cars tried to travel through the intersection at the same time. This type of irresponsible behavior doesn’t have to be tolerated. These people may be held responsible for the damage and pain that they cause. If you have been injured in an accident because of the negligence of someone else, please give our offices a call. We will examine your situation and see if you have a case.