‎Golden Corral Restaurant Catches Fire Overnight


 According to KLTV 7, new details have been released by authorities regarding the October 3rd fire at a Golden Corral in Tyler, TX. The Tyler Fire Department said that the investigation of the building showed that the fire started in the southwest corner in the exterior eve. There were can lighting fixtures in the area that could be the source of the ignition. They also stated that an electrician had recently worked on the lights at the restaurant, but they did not say if he specifically worked on those particular lights.

Most of the damage to the restaurant was on the outside of the building. However, the inside does have some smoke damage and a few places damaged by fire. The sprinkler system was activated in the interior of the building, also causing water damage. Thanks in large part to the expertise of the firemen who fought the blaze, the interior damage was contained to the banquet room only. No firefighters were injured in the firefighter’s successful attempt to put out the flames. Management feels hopeful that the restaurant may open back up in a few weeks.

 Dangerous Jobs

Fires have the potential to be very deadly. Luckily, this particular fire happened after business hours was and so no workers or patrons were harmed. Fortunately, no firefighters were injured as they fought to save the building from being destroyed. When an open flame is a large part of the production of your product-there will be the potential for fires, however, in a restaurant, there are several more ways for you to be injured while you work. Knives, spills, heavy or cumbersome boxes, and even contaminated food has the potential to create illness. Responsible employees don’t want to get hurt when they are at work, but the desire to work safely can be overcome by human error rather easily.


2015 Work Injury Statistics

According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports:

  •  The annual total of fatal workplace injuries in 2015 was 4,836, which was the highest total since 2008 totaling 5,214.
  • A total of 4,836 fatal work injuries were recorded in the United States in 2015, a slight increase from the 4,821 fatal injuries reported in 2014.
  • Workers age 65 years and older incurred 650 fatal injuries, the second-largest number for the group since the national census began in 1992 but decreased from the 2014 figure of 684.
  • Fatal injuries in the private oil and gas extraction industries were 38 percent lower in 2015 than 2014.
  • Seventeen percent of decedents were contracted by and performing work for another business or government entity in 2015 rather than for their direct employer at the time of the incident.
  • Heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers recorded 745 fatal injuries, the most of any occupation.
  • The 937 fatal work injuries in the private construction industry in 2015 represented the highest total since 975 cases in 2008.


San Antonio Work Injury Lawyers

Several things can be actively done by all employees that can lessen the chance of workplace accidents. Among these are being observant, cautious, safe, vigilant in following rules, avoiding shortcuts and closely following the plans set out for you in each particular task. Others who don’t share your desire to work safely may be the cause of a careless accident. Accidents can lead to injuries that may strip you of your ability to work. If you lose the ability to work, your quality of life can be drastically reduced. Dealing with work injuries can be complicated and very expensive. Just at a time when you need calm, quiet, secure surroundings to heal, you are thrown into an emotion and financial disaster. We may be able to help you while you recover by taking care of some of the stressful issues dealing with ‏legal issues surrounding your accident. Please contact our office for your free, no cost to you, ‍consultation.