Possibility of Storms Brings Possible Property Damages


According to a weather report by NBC DFW, a cold front could bring the possibility for some damaging storms that may pop up after Father’s day. These storms may contain strong winds, lightning, and heavy rain. The cold front isn’t supposed to last very long with temperatures heating up the next day.  Later on the same week, another cold front might bring another round of storms.


Summary of the most recent Natural Hazard Statistics:

National Weather Service (NWS) reports comprising statistics from NWS forecast offices in the 50 states, includes fatalities, injuries, and damages caused by severe weather.

  • The 2015 number was slightly below the 10- year average (2005-2014) of 552 deaths. Flooding replaced rip currents as the most deadly hazard in 2015, claiming 176 victims, up significantly from 40 deaths in 2014.
  • In 2015, weather-related injuries and illnesses numbered 2, 143 down slightly from the 2014 total of 2,203 and more significantly from the 2013 total of 2,767.
  • Tornadoes caused by the far the most injuries with 924, heat causing 640, and thunderstorm and high winds causing 221 injuries.
  • Which state had the most dangerous weather in 2015? Texas, with 86 casualties, took that dubious honor from Washington, which numbered 50 weather-related fatalities in 2014.
  • A large number of the Texas deaths were due to flooding, which claimed 48 victims. Illinois and Florida were the next hardest hit with 32 and 28 deaths each.
  • Arkansas fatalities were for a variety of hazards, Illinois biggest threat was flooding which claimed 15 victims.
  • Thunderstorm winds and high winds were the next most deadly weather events, claiming 65 lives, up from 55 in 2014, followed by extreme cold with 53 and extreme heat, with 45.
  • Of the 2015 weather-related deaths, males, as usual, accounted for more deaths, 347 (66%), than females, 165 (32%). This gender breakdown is typical. In most years, there are almost twice as many male victims of extreme weather as female, a pattern likely reflecting the higher percentage of men who hold outdoor jobs such as construction and who take part in sports and other outside activities such as fishing and boating.


San Antonio Storm Damage Attorneys

One of the biggest problems in the aftermath of a storm, aside from having one’s home damaged, may be having to deal with the insurance company. Filing an insurance claim should give you some peace of mind. For some people, however, it can be a source of additional frustration. Long waits for answers, flat out denials on claims, and other things can make a bad situation even worse. It’s understandable that an insurance company would need to sort out the fakers from the real people who have legitimate claims. But, sometimes, they can simply be looking out for their own financial interests and not for the ones who purchased their insurance. If you would like to talk to a lawyer about an insurance claim, then contact us for a case evaluation.