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San Antonio Police Officer Shot Twice

KENS5 reported that a four year veteran with the San Antonio police department was shot multiple times and is recovering from surgery. Officer Nathan Becerra was responding to a home invasion call in northwest San Antonio that came in just before midnight from an apartment complex on Ingram Road.

San Antonio police officers responded to a home invasion call just after midnight and were able to locate three suspects near the back of the complainant’s complex in a parked vehicle. In an attempt to arrest the suspects, both resisted arrest. According to SAPD Public Information Officer Jesse Salame, there was a struggle, and a third passenger emerged from the back seat and pulled out a handgun and fired upon Officer Becerra. The officer was shot twice; once in the stomach and once in the leg.

Becerra was able to return fire along with the second officer, Michael Medina. The suspect who shot at the officers was hit multiple times with returned gunfire and died at the scene. Medina was not injured.

One suspect immediately surrendered and was taken into custody and he was later released. The other who was resisting arrest, Dennis Moran, fled on foot but was apprehended without incident. He is facing charges of attempted capital murder, evading arrest, felon in possession of a firearm, resisting arrest and he reportedly had an outstanding felony warrant.

Officer Medina has been with the department for about a year. He is placed on administrative duty pending the outcome of the investigation into this incident. The San Antonio police department have buried two police officers in the last year and this recent shooting has left the community saying, enough.

“It’s concerning about where this world is headed, where people no longer have that much regard for one another. We have to get back to loving and caring for one another,” said Lemardrick Brown.

Crime Statistics

Crime Facts at a Glance 2014 According to the Texas Department of Public Safety:

  • There were 913,403 index crime offenses reported with a 20.3 percent clearance rate for Texas in 2014.
  • The crime rate for the State of Texas was 3,392.2 index offenses for every 100,000 inhabitants.
  • During 2014, Texas law enforcement officers made 878,686 arrests. Of those arrested, 6.6 percent were 16 years of age and under.
  • Firearms were used in 63.3 percent of all murders reported.
  • There were 65,338 aggravated assaults reported. Of these, 21.3 percent were committed by the use of hands, fists, and feet; 21.4 percent involved a knife or cutting instrument, and 24.2 percent involved a firearm.
  • 185,817 family violence incidents during 2014. There were 201,051 victims and 195,511 offenders.
  • There were 18,756 sexual assault incidents reported with 19,834 victims and 19,821 offenders.

San Antonio Work Injury Lawyers

Police officers are going to be in a much more dangerous line of work than most other workers. With that being said, other workers can still be severely injured in a work accident, as well. Contact us if you have sustained an injury on the clock and we will see what we can do to help you.