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Teenager Cheerleader Dies, Cause Unknown

In a mySA news report, Texas Rangers are investigating the death of a Trinity University cheerleader. The Texas Rangers were called in to investigate Mandadi’s death at the request of authorities in Luling and Caldwell County.

Guadalupe County Sheriff Arnold Zwicke said his understanding is that Mandadi was in a vehicle that was traveling between San Antonio and Houston Sunday, Oct. 29, when someone in the vehicle noticed she was not breathing, so they took her to the Seton Edgar B. Davis Hospital in Luling.

Zwicke did not know what caused her medical issue, nor the names or relationship of anyone with her.

“Luling P.D. responded to a call from the hospital. Now the Texas Rangers are involved because of the jurisdictional issue about where the death occurred,” said Zwicke, noting his agency was notified of the case by Luling police.

University spokesperson Sharon Schweitzer confirmed the death on Wednesday in an email sent to mySA.

“The Trinity community has suffered an unbearable loss, and our primary focus today is on supporting the student’s family, friends and classmates as we cope with this tragic news,” Schweitzer said in an email. “Unfortunately, we have few details to share other than to confirm this tragic loss.”

Schweitzer said the university has limited details because the death happened off campus. “Our primary focus continues to be to honoring Cayley’s memory,” she added.

Friday evening, Schweitzer confirmed the Trinity University Police Department issued an alert on Nov. 1 for a criminal trespassing warning regarding a person named Mark Howerton, a non-student who was associated with Mandadi.

Schweitzer said the Howerton had been on campus before Mandadi died and he was not welcomed back, but declined to provide more details.

She continued, saying authorities do not believe there is an immediate threat to campus, but the school is acting out of “an abundance of caution.”

“We’re taking the steps to reassure students that we’re making the campus as safe as we can,” Schweitzer said. “Above all, we’re here to support our students and family affected by this tragic loss — our priority is taking care of this community.” Social media pages indicated Mandadi was 19 years old.

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Wrongful Death Attorneys of San Antonio

A young girl has died and there has yet to be a cause of death. What investigators and police are saying is that a man who is not a student at the school she attended, is somehow involved. This is a tragedy and the community, understandably, is upset about it, as well as her family. Unfortunate incidents such as this happen to families, in which they are left with dealing with the aftermath of losing a loved one. You deserve compensation, but determining the appropriate amount of compensation takes an attorney who understands Texas Wrongful Death law. Our compassionate approach to these sensitive cases ensures that you get the help you need to move forward with your life. Contact your our office so that we may help you with your case.