Traffic Halted When 18 Wheeler Catches Fire

18-Wheeler Catches Fire, Stalls Traffic

KWTX reported on July 11, 2017, traffic was halted Tuesday during the lunch hour rush on the northbound lanes of Interstate 35 in Bellmead, Texas, after a big rig fire. All northbound traffic was diverted off the highway at 336 and allowed to get back on after Collin Street Bakery. It was not immediately known how the 18-wheeler caught fire but crews on the scene believe it may have started with a gas leak. Drivers can use Loop 340 to get around the traffic. The southbound lanes were flowing slowly but the majority of the problems were in the northbound lanes. No serious injuries have been reported. Traffic was backed up 5 miles at 12:30 p.m.

Trucks carry a large amount of fuel in order to keep them rolling. If a truck springs a fuel leak they can become driving fire bombs. This is not the only case of a truck catching fire. There have been a few other cases of trucks, and buses, catching fire this week. One truck caught fire after hitting a mattress; a bus also caught fire in Brownwood, Texas for unknown reasons. When vehicles catch fire, they will burn for a long time, and cause a large amount of damage. That is why trucks stop when there is a grass fire. The truck should never risk catching fire.


Truck Accident Statistics

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:

  • One out of every nine traffic fatalities involve a truck crash each year, nearly 5,000 trucks are involved in fatal traffic accidents across the U.S.
  • Fatalities of drivers of large trucks was one of the few groups that remained unchanged.
  • Statistics from the National Center for Statistics and Analysis (NCSA) show that large commercial trucks, also known as 18-wheelers, semi-trucks, and tractor-trailers, are responsible for 12 percent of all traffic fatalities, even though they are only 3 percent of all registered vehicles.
  • According to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Collision with vehicle in transport was recorded as the most harmful event for 73 percent of large trucks.
  • In 2014, 3,744 large trucks were involved in fatal crashes, 88,000 were involved in injury crashes, and 346,000 were involved in property damage only crashes.
  • There are roughly 500,000 trucking accidents every year in the United States.
  • An estimated 5,000 of these accidents result in a fatality.
  • Truck accidents cause roughly 130,000 injuries every year across the country.
  • In truck accidents, 98 percent of all fatalities occur to the driver or another individual in the passenger vehicle.
  • The average cost of a commercial truck accident is $59,150.
  • There are 2.3 deaths and 60.5 injuries caused by big rigs for every 100 million miles driven on U.S. roadways.

San Antonio Truck Accident Attorney

In this instance, no one was hurt. Thankfully the truck driver was able to see what was going on, pull the truck over, and make a safe exit. He did not hit any cars out of panic, and all cars were able to stay away. That, however, may not always be the case. It is possible that a truck that catches on fire may lose control and cause damage to the cars on the road. When a car is hit by a truck, the damage is severe. If you have been in an auto accident involving a truck, please do not delay and give our offices a call.