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8 Questions You Should Ask A Personal Injury Lawyer

A potential client should ask questions before hiring any attorney. Its imperative that the lawyer you end up selecting is the one that is best suited to meet your needs and give you the best possible outcome. Over the years after meeting with potential clients on a near daily basis, we have received hundreds of questions about our law firm and the services we provide.

1. What type of cases do you typically take on?

You should be asking every lawyer this question. It is especially important for small law firms or individual lawyers. If you want to bring suit from injuries sustained in a truck accident, a workers comp lawyer may not be the best choice. Find out the attorneys experience and what types of cases they have tried. It might also help to choose a law firm that has lawyers assigned to specific services they have experience in.

2. Which lawyer will be handling my case?

This is an important question to ask. It can be beneficial to ensure that the lawyer taking your case is the one you initially meet with or is at least in the initial meeting as well. Dont be afraid to ask if the lawyer has a track record of verdicts and settlements and if any of them relate to the type of case you are bringing them.

3. Are there any out of pocket costs?

You always hear it said “I only get paid if you win”. Ask the lawyer what they typically charge as a contingency fee. This is the fee that most lawyers will charge if they win your case. There are multiple costs related to a case so knowing what to expect throughout the case can help you plan better. Do not forget that experienced lawyers will know right away if this is a case worth taking.

4. Do you have the resources to take my case?

Often times lawsuits involving personal injuries, especially auto accidents, can be expensive and time consuming to take to court. If it appears that the lawyer or law firm lacks the necessary experience, finances or personnel to efficiently handle your case it wont hurt to meet with other law firms before making a decision.

5. What happens if my case goes to trial?

Lawyers should always expect to go to trial on every case. Don’t be afraid to ask when meeting with a lawyer what to expect if the case does go to trial before a jury. This question will probably lead into a lot more questions as the thought of going to trial before a jury can be a stressful situation. An experienced lawyer will be able to walk you through the entire process way before it gets to that point.

6. Are the lawyers honored or recognized in their field?

When we get asked if our lawyers belong to accredited institutions or if we can provide credentials we proudly show them that our lawyers are members of several of the most sought after organizations and peer reviewed establishments. If you are meeting with a reputable and experienced firm, they should have no problem showing this to you.

7. How long does it take for a case like mine?

Most lawyers should be able to provide you an estimate of how long it will take from start to finish. There are of course unforeseen factors that might show up but a good lawyer will be in constant contact with you throughout the process. If you are facing any personal difficulties relating to the case, make sure to let your lawyer know as soon as you can and they can work on expediting your case and get it filed.

8. What happens if I lose?

Asking the lawyer what happens if I lose my case is a realistic and unfortunate possibility you need to know. From the first question to the last question you ask, they should all give you an idea of the law firm or lawyers track record, capabilities and reputation. At that point you will either feel confident in choosing that lawyer or know to look elsewhere. Its a question we do not hear when meeting with clients.Bringing a case against somebody else for injuries you occurred is not an easy process. If it is not done correctly the results can have a financially lasting effect for years. Its important to choose the right personal injury lawyer for your particular case to get the best possible outcome.