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Intersections are the points at which major roads cross paths, and collisions are common in these areas. When drivers fail to pay attention, do not obey traffic signals, or are otherwise careless or reckless, a serious injury accident could occur. In some cases, these accidents could prove to be fatal.

If you suffered severe injuries or your loved one was killed in a motor vehicle accident at an intersection in the greater San Antonio area, know that legal help is available. An experienced San Antonio intersection accident lawyer could help you take action against the negligent party and could help you fight for the money you need to pay your medical bills, recover lost wages, pay for damage to your vehicle, and otherwise help you get back on your feet.

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Causes of Intersection Accidents

It can be difficult to identify which party is at fault in some intersection accidents. If road signs are unclear or drivers do not understand how right of way works, each driver involved in a collision could believe that the other was at fault.

Every car accident is different. Some of the most frequent causes of intersection crashes include, but are not limited to:

  • Driver fatigue
  • Speeding
  • Tailgating
  • Running red lights or stop signs
  • Dangerous roadways
  • Inclement weather

An experienced intersection accident attorney will be able to conduct an independent investigation to determine the cause of your crash and collect the evidence needed to prove fault.

In some cases, this may involve actually examining the vehicles involved. Some accidents may have been the result of mechanical issues with automobiles, and maintenance companies or the manufacturers themselves may be liable for these accidents.

Common Types of Accidents That Occur at Intersections

Many different types of crashes can occur in intersections. Some kinds of accidents may be more common in certain types of intersections. Some of the kinds of crashes that occur most often in intersections include, but are not limited to:

Injuries from Intersection Accidents

Certain types of accidents can increase the likelihood of catastrophic or possibly fatal injuries. Some of the different injuries people may suffer in intersection accidents include, but are not limited to:

  • Paralysis
  • Whiplash
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Fractures
  • Neck injuries
  • Lacerations
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Internal organ damage
  • Head injuries
  • Nerve damage
  • Burn injuries
  • Soft-tissue injuries

Unfortunately, some intersection accidents prove to be fatal. If your loved one passed away after an intersection accident, you may be able to file a wrongful death claim to recover financial compensation for funeral expenses, loss of support, and more.

What to Do If You Were in an Accident at an Intersection

When you are involved in an accident at an intersection, getting immediate medical care should be your top priority. Go to a hospital even if you do not think you were seriously hurt, as not all injuries result in immediate symptoms.

Make sure to contact the local law enforcement agency so you can file a police report. A police report will often be a valuable form of evidence for your later personal injury claim.

If you are able, take multiple pictures of your crash scene. Get photographs of everything involved, and take pictures from different angles and distances.

If anyone saw your crash, ask them for their names and phone numbers. If you cannot take these steps yourself, then ask somebody you know to do this for you.

Contact a San Antonio intersection accident lawyer as soon as possible after the crash to discuss your legal options.

How Our Intersection Accident Lawyers Can Help

When you hire our firm, KRW Lawyers will immediately commence a diligent and thorough investigation of your accident. In addition to determining the cause, we can also preserve important evidence and identify all liable parties.

You will want to hire an attorney before you speak to an insurance company. Insurers will often attempt to trick victims into making statements that end up damaging their claim. Refuse to make any kind of recorded statement about the accident until you have spoken to an attorney.

An insurance company could also offer you a lump-sum settlement to resolve your case. You should know that the proposed settlement is likely far less than what you are entitled to.

The experienced intersection accident lawyers at KRW Lawyers will know the true value of your case and will work tirelessly in pursuit of full compensation. We will negotiate aggressively toward a fair settlement, but we will not be afraid to go to court if the insurance company does not extend an acceptable offer.

Most Dangerous Intersections in San Antonio

A study found that 38 intersections in San Antonio made a list of the most dangerous intersections in Texas in 2016, according to a report from the San Antonio Express-News. The 38 intersections each had 48 or more collisions, causing 1,782 injuries and five deaths.

The top 25 most dangerous intersections in San Antonio were:

Braun Road at Loop 1604 — 268 crashes, 131 injuries, 0 deaths
Bandera Road at Loop 1604 — 266 crashes, 92 injuries, 0 deaths
Interstate 10 at Loop 1604 — 215 crashes, 152 injuries, 1 death
Ingram Road at Loop 410 — 207 crashes, 94 injuries, 0 deaths
Loop 1604 at San Pedro Avenue — 186 crashes, 97 injuries, 0 deaths
Loop 410 at Rigsby Avenue — 145 crashes, 66 injuries, 0 deaths
Culebra Road at Loop 410 — 133 crashes, 56 injuries, 1 death
Loop 410 at Marbach Road — 129 crashes, 46 injuries, 1 death
Loop 410 at West Avenue — 114 crashes, 48 injuries, 0 deaths
Culebra Road at Loop 1604 — 110 crashes, 45 injuries, 0 deaths
De Zavala Road at Interstate 10 — 106 crashes, 42 injuries, 0 deaths
Culebra Road at Potranco Road — 105 crashes, 53 injuries, 1 death
Interstate 10 at Loop 410 — 94 crashes, 30 injuries, 0 deaths
Interstate 10 at Wurzbach Road — 87 crashes, 37 injuries, 0 deaths
Martin Street at Pecos La Trinidad — 82 crashes, 56 injuries, 0 deaths
Evers Road and Loop 410 — 78 crashes, 45 injuries, 0 deaths
Babcock Road and Loop 410 — 77 crashes, 40 injuries, 0 deaths
Fredericksburg Road and Loop 410 — 75 crashes, 35 injuries, 0 deaths
Loop 1604 at Potranco Road — 72 crashes, 43 injuries, 0 deaths
Huebner and Interstate 10 — 72 crashes, 47 injuries, 1 death
Goliad Road at Military Drive — 71 crashes, 33 injuries, 0 deaths
Culebra Road at Ingram Road — 67 crashes, 58 injuries, 0 deaths
Callaghan Road at Loop 410 — 67 crashes, 25 injuries, 0 deaths
Gibbs Sprawl Road at Walzem Road — 66 crashes, 34 injuries, 0 deaths
La Cantera Parkway at Loop 1604 — 63 crashes, 17 injuries, 0 deaths

Although higher traffic roads are the more likely locations of intersection crashes, a collision can occur just as easily at an intersection that sees far fewer vehicles.

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The aftermath of any motor vehicle accident at an intersection can be an extremely disorienting and stressful time for most people. Many victims will require lengthy initial hospitalization followed by several rounds of follow-up care that lead to overwhelming medical bills.

On top of these issues, accident victims cannot always immediately return to work. Some are unable to maintain employment for several weeks, months, or even years, and there are certain injuries that can make people permanently unable to work again.

Compensation through a personal injury claim can help victims recover financially from the damage caused by an accident. It is important to keep in mind that you only have a limited amount of time to take legal action in these cases, and delaying too long could cost you the ability to recover compensation.

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