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San Antonio Scaffold Accident Lawyers

Scaffolds have become ubiquitous on construction sites. Unfortunately, so have scaffold accidents – which can have catastrophic results for their victims. Read on for more information on scaffold accidents and your rights. KRW Lawyers work accident lawyers understand construction accidents, including ones that involve scaffolding. Our clients turn to us for our expertise and resources – and we are committed to achieving consistent, favorable results for our clients that turn to us at this terrible time following these types of construction site injuries in San Antonio, Texas, Austin TX, and throughout the state.

Scaffolding Accident Statistics

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) estimates that up to 2.5 million construction workers, or nearly 70 percent of the entire construction workforce, comes into contact with scaffolds on a frequent basis. In a perfect world, this would not be an alarming figure. Unfortunately, many of these scaffolds are defective or dangerous, and nearly 5,000 workers suffer injuries due to scaffold accidents each year, some of which are fatal.

How Scaffolding Accidents Happen

Scaffolds can give under pressure or swing with the air. Falling accidents are by far the most common cause of injury due to scaffolds, but other accidents can occur when the scaffold shifts or buckles. This can be blamed either on defective scaffolds or on an unsafe workplace in which the scaffolds are not assembled or maintained properly. In either case, the victim can pursue compensation for their injuries in a civil court. Injuries sustained from a scaffold accident can vary widely from minor cuts or bruises to major head injuries, paralysis, and even death. The severity of the injuries can depend on the circumstances of the fall and other issues such as building height and the health of the worker.

Negligence of a Third Party

Though OSHA and other bodies govern the design and use of scaffolds, accidents can and do happen. If your accident was caused by the negligence of another person that was not employed by the same company you work for, you have the right to seek monetary compensation to cover the costs of treating your injury and any lost wages beyond workers compensation. It is recommended that you do so with the help of an experienced, aggressive San Antonio construction accident attorney – someone known for their track record of success in construction accidents such as those involving scaffolds – when determining what rights you have. The right personal injury lawyer can help you obtain a settlement far beyond the quick-fix offered by workers’ compensation or an insurer – and they can do so while protecting your legal rights.

If you think you have a scaffold accident case or have questions about whether such a claim exists, feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you have so you can make the best possible and most informed decision about whether to pursue a Texas injury claim after a construction injury. The consultation is free, and the decision on whether to file an action is important and can be life changing, and it should be made after discussion with an experienced personal injury lawyer.